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36373281  Jess KiddJess Kidd is an award-winning author with a PhD in creative writing from St. Mary’s University in London. She grew up as part of a large family from Ireland’s County Mayo and now lives in London with her daughter. Her first book, Himself, was shortlisted for the Irish Book Awards. Learn more at


4.5 stars to a fantastical book!
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Well this is a book for those of us who like a little bit of everything in their stories. Do you like magic, possible ghosts, a strange house, characters that are weird, loving, cantankerous, nasty, and dirty? Yes, they are in there. Do you like relationships that develop into friendships, saints, sinners, and everything in between? Well yes, again, they are in there. Do you like novels of loss, of eeriness, and things Irish? Well then you are in luck because that is in there too! I think of this book as the Prego sauce of books!

Through the writings of Jess Kidd, we meet some very interesting people such as the curmudgeon Mr Flood. He is dirty, intimidating, has a potty mouth, and might even have bumped off his wife. Then there is Maud, a young girl with a hard past sent to care for Mr Flood seeing that his needs are met. Initially they have a pull and tug relationship but as Mr Flood gets to know Maud and she him their relationship becomes one of care and concern. Maud herself is no stranger to weirdness. She carries around saints with her that converse with her and follow her into various situations. She has a great friend Renata, who is agoraphobic and a transvestite. …and then there are the villains!

Not wanting to say much about this happenings but if you are a fan of the whimsical, the sad, and the value of friends, then this novel might be to your liking. It was to mine. This was a Traveling Sister read and one where we all seemed to get enjoyment from Mr Flood, Maud and the rest.

Thanks goes to my local library for coming through with this book. I can always count on them to provide this reader with lots of fun and happy hours of reading.

I think Jess Kidd should at some point write a book with Neil Gaiman. They both see our world through the lens of its differences and idiosyncrasies. Could you imagine the book they would write!

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