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4.5 boy this was good stars

Zipping through a book…can anything tell you better how much you are liking a book? From page one to its conclusion, Mr Donlea had you going as he moved his characters around a chessboard of lies, delusions, innuendoes, and allusions.

Grace Sebold and her soon to be fiance, Julian, are in St Lucia scheduled to attend the wedding of a friend, when tragedy strikes. Julian is found washed up on the well known Sugar Beach beach. First thinking it was merely a fatal fall from atop the Twin Pitons, the police begin investigating. They finally decide this was no accident and that Julian was murdered. Grace Sebold is accused and later convicted of the murder. She has spent ten years in a St Lucia prison, but has contacted through numerous letters an investigative reporter, Sidney Ryan. Sidney and Grace had prior connections. They both had attended the same university fifteen years ago and both girls seemed to be track to successful careers, Grace’s in medicine and Sidney in journalism. In those ten years that Grace has been incarcerated, Sidney has achieved a name for herself in advocating for the unjustly imprisoned. Sidney and her producers are intrigued by the many inconsistencies in Grace’s trial. She decides to take on Grace’s plight through a series of made for TV segments in which she explores the case.

What Sidney uncovers brings much drama to her TV segments. Her show which stars off with fairly low ratings, becomes the most watched with people clamoring for more and begging for Grace’s release. As each week’s show progresses and more is learned, Grace is finally released from prison. All seems to be in Grace’s favor but then a letter arrives for Sidney which causes doubts. Could she and others have gotten it all wrong and now that Grace had been released could the real murderer be walking the streets free?

Mr Donlea has created a wonderful thriller that kept on going through all the twists a thriller that is done well has. It had this reader flipping back and forth from innocence to guilt and when the shocker of an ending is unfulfilled, it is treacherous and dark. This book will have an avid thriller reader reading through the dark of night as we find out the fates of all the vivid and vibrant characters the author created. Well done, Mr Donlea…..well done…

As always a shout out to my local library for providing wonderful books like this one to this reader.

Charlie Donlea is the USA TODAY and International bestselling author of SUMMIT LAKE, THE GIRL WHO WAS TAKEN and DON’T BELIEVE IT. He lives in Chicago with his wife and two young children, where he is busy writing his next thriller.

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  1. I liked, but didn’t love this one (like everyone else)! I think it was the documentary parts (or perhaps my mood at the time) So glad you enjoyed and great review!

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