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There is beauty in love, in family, in the things one does with others, with the lives we have been given. There is wonderment at the ways of living, its joys and sorrows, as well as the belief that all is possible.

The Possible World  

We are introduced to three wonderful characters is this beautifully written novel. There is Lucy, a doctor working the emergency room, overworked, whose marriage is breaking up because of her many hours spent tending to others. There is Ben, a young bright six year old who has witnessed a horrific crime and been its sole survivor. There is Clare, an old woman turning one hundred, who has been keeping secrets, ones that she thinks only matter to her.

Ben is brought into the emergency room and there is a connection made with Lucy. Ben has lost his memory and Lucy wonders if that just might be a good thing with all the Ben has witnessed, but then …… How these three characters are linked is the momentum of this story and as it continues, with a tinge of the supernatural thrown in, we become immersed in their fates. and their spellbinding stories and connections. Their stories are hypnotic drawing you into their lives and making you part of their persona.

There is so much that is wonderful going on in these pages. The wonder, the ability to see into human strengths and weaknesses, and the powerful writing make for a tale that is intriguing and uplifting. The characters enthrall you each with their stories and make this book one that is hard to put down. Truly, this is a book, possessing a wonderfully written prose style that is mesmerizing and enticing. It will captivate you as it did me as you are riveted to the stories of Lucy, Ben, and Clare.


This idea of shared humanity and the connections that we make with one another – that’s what, in fact, makes life worth living. (Clint Smith) The connections that Lucy, Ben, and Clare make do indeed make for  life worth living.

Thank you to Liese O’Halloran, Scribner, and Edelweiss for a copy of this remarkable novel.

Liese O'Halloran Schwarz Liese O’Halloran Schwarz grew up in Washington, DC after an early childhood overseas. She went to Harvard and then attended medical school at University of Virginia. While in medical school, she won the Henfield/Transatlantic Review Prize and also published her first novel, Near Canaan.

She specialized in emergency medicine and like most doctors, she can thoroughly ruin dinner parties with tales of medical believe-it-or-not. But she won’t do that, because she knows how hard you worked to make a nice meal.

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