An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena #sharilapena #pameladormanbooks #psycologicalthriller @absltmom

An Unwanted Guest What is better than a weekend getaway, traveling to a quaint remote hotel that promises the very best in accommodations? People are looking forward to wonderful food and beverages, beautiful settings, an aura of romance perhaps, and never thinking at all that a murderer would also be one of the residents for the weekend.

This is the premise of the book An Unwanted Guest. It is winter time and the weather, as it often is in the Catskill’s, is becoming treacherous. The guests become snowed in and as conditions worsen, the electricity goes out and what seems to have been an idyllic weekend becomes one where a murder is committed and all are considered suspects.

The game, kind of like the game of Clue, is on as all the residents slowly reveal their secrets. Presently, another body is found dead and the feeling is that a psychopath is systematically killing them off. There is no help coming, they are on their own, and now two people are dead and one is missing. Will anyone survive this encounter with death?

This was a very quick read, short chapters and an interesting premise kept one going. There were some quirks in the story line, but overlooking those, it was an enjoyable foray into the mind of a killer or could it be killers?

Thank you to Shari Lapena, Pamela Dorman Books, and Edelweiss for a copy of this keen tale.

Thanks also go to The Traveling Sisters Reading Group on Goodreads that I have been lucky to be a part of. The discussions we generate make reading even more of a pleasure.

Shari Lapena Shari says in answer to how she writes.No, I don’t outline, I start with a premise and the characters take over from there. I start with a premise that can go in a lot of different directions and keep them all open as possibles till the end.”

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