Good Luck with That by Kristan Higgins #kristanhiggins #Berkley #frindship #obesity #family @absltmom

I have so much book love for this story. There are some books that strike just the right chord,  have that fling with your emotions, let’s you see a world that you never imagined, that just can’t be put down, because they are that good and  Good Luck with That  was one of those books for me.

Connections that one makes in life are so important. The way we look at ourselves, our self love and acceptance can flow from family, friends, acquaintances, but mainly it needs to flow from ourselves. Meet Georgia, Marley, and Emerson, three young girls who meet at a camp for fat people. They are linked together by more then their weight, for they are friends, there for one another, battling the way in which society sees fat people, trying to find their way in a world that makes them invisible. The girls, grown to womanhood, have experienced a ton of emotions that set them and us on an emotional roller coaster ride. One minute we are laughing, loving the characters and the secondary characters, (well maybe a two of them not so much) and the next we are crying along with them as they struggle with the mirror, with the perceptions of others, with the embarrassment of being overweight. Their body is their enemy and society too, is their attacker. They try to lose the weight and yet as one of them succumbs to her idea that this is just what she deserves, the other two battle and struggle to accept what they are, where their life is going, and a society that sees them as gross. They diet, they purge, they exercise and yet the demons still chase them and seem to ruin any success they have in love relationships. To never have been kissed, to be ignored, to never date in a world where they are hit in the face with an ideal they can never achieve is both sorrowful and bitter.

From the very first page, this book entraps you in their world. It makes you see hear and feel what it is like being overweight in a society that values the stick thin, not caring at all about how others who are not thin feel when they are made fun of, not included, and ever so ashamed. Kristin Higgins hit the reader with hard facts and feelings. She climbs inside along with you to feel, to see, to be an overweight person. She makes her characters real, her characters funny, her characters sad, and as we walk through their lives we stand beside them with our feelings so very close to the surface.

So, I encourage all of you to read this book. It will make you never look at an overweight person in the same way. It will allow you to feel their pain, to understand their emotions, to know that within each person there is such goodness waiting to come out if only one can break through the barriers of stereotyping and being fed an image generated upon a society dedicated to being thin. Well done Ms Higgins, very well done…..

Kristin Higgins is the New York Times, USA TODAY, Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of 18 novels, which have been translated into more than two dozen languages and have sold millions of copies worldwide. Her books have received dozens of awards and accolades, including starred reviews from Kirkus, The New York Journal of Books, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and Booklist. She is a five-time nominee for The Kirkus Prize for Best Work of Fiction, and her books regularly appear on the lists for best novels of the year of many prestigious journals and review sites. If you want to keep up with Kristan’s new releases and get a free short story, sign up for her mailing list at

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