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Happy Saturday Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter  Happy Saturday one and all. Hope your day is ever so special and joyous! Eleven days from Halloween fun!  Another great week coming up with books I am most anxious to tackle. As we get closer to Halloween, there are a few thrillers that will hopefully keep things chilling and spooky.

Happy Halloween ~

The Exes' Revenge  I’ve already a bit of a jump start on this one and so far after about one hundred pages in, I can say that I am intrigued. Philip Rochester is a horrible man. He is divorcing wife number two, while living with the potential wife number three. Then taking a bold step to protect both herself and her son Imogene, Philip’s second wife, does something that sets her and the first Mrs Rochester and the girlfriend on a unlikely course. Sounds intriguing!

The Girl They Left Behind  This is another book I have gotten a bit of a start on. I so love stories that are caught up in the milieu of World War 2. This one, which I have read about twenty percent of, tells the story of a young girl given up by her parents to save her as they are Jewish and the Nazis are running rampant. Later this child grown to adulthood searches for her past and finds things that will change the path she is upon. Sounds pretty fascinating to me.

The Witch Elm  It has been quite some time since I read anything by Tana French and this book attracted me as I read that a skull is discovered in the trunk of an elm tree and the past starts to chase the main protagonist of this book. Sounds like this one will weave itself into an captivating story. Very anxious to give this one a go.

You (You, #1)  Have to say, I have had my eye on this book for some time. Today when I walked into my local library there it was calling my name. A stalker becomes a boyfriend and then things get serious as the stalker will do anything to win his princess. Hope it can live up to my high expectations.

We Were Mothers  Love this cover! Missing woman, an unfaithful husband and secrets shake a town and the people in it. What’s better that a book that involves secrets that shake ones foundations? Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to tackle this one.

So, that’s my goal books for the coming week. As always, I wish to all my book friends a most wonderful week of “supernovelistic” reading. What’s on your book shelf?

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