The Exes’ Revenge by Jo Jakeman #theexesrevenge #jojackman #berkley #thriller #debut @absltmom  Happy Sunday everyone! Hope your weekend is going well and that you have this day to have some fun and maybe even relax with a book. This Sunday, I bring to you a review of the book: The Exes' Revenge This book is a thriller where three women take their frustrations, their dealings and downright frightening experiences with Philip Rochester, a man who has been married to two of the women and is living with the third.
It’s easy to hate Philip. He is everything an abusive husband could be. Obnoxious, full of himself and selective in his choice of women, who he ferrets out knowing they are fragile and have the poorest of self images. He is a man we have all been warned about and yet, he can be charming, alluring, and beguiling. His type draws you into his web, and then takes no prisoners in his plan to always be number one both to himself and others.
You know that saying that every dog has its day? Well, that sure fits here as the three ladies, Ruby, the ex wife, Imogen, soon to be ex wife, and the current girlfriend, Naomi, hoping to be the next wife, reveal through back and forth dialogues and remembrances who and what Philip is. …and none of it is good!
The trouble is that Philip is a policeman. He seems to have all his ducks in a row and can ferret out what these ladies, once enemies, now a team, plan on doing. It becomes a game of cat and mouse as the ladies seem to become pawns in Philip’s games.
Will the ladies triumph and will Philip get his just desserts which are much deserved by the way?
While I liked the book, it did at times seem quick jerky. Perhaps it was that the narratives kept on switching back and forth that caused that jumpiness.The book is definitely entertaining, a quick read, and baring a bit of unevenness, it was a decent read with its number of twists and turns. Definitely like The First Wives’s Club without the humor…
Don't get mad, get even. by Joseph P Kennedy @ Like Success
Jo Jakeman  This book is Jo Jackman’s first novel. She lives in Derby, England.

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