The Exes’ Revenge by Jo Jakeman #theexesrevenge #jojakeman #berkley #domesticthriller @absltmom

Happy Sunday Wishing You A Beautiful Day! Pictures, Photos ... Happy Sunday book friends. It’s a gorgeous though windy day here in Virginia. I am hoping that you have a super day and have lots of great books for the future week ahead.

Three exes and a narcissistic man! Whatever could go wrong? Meet Ruby, ex number one, Imogen, soon to be ex number two, and Naomi, soon to maybe be wife number three. …and then there is Philip Rochester, the man who entranced them all. They all come together in the book: The Exes' Revenge

This interesting novel have a number of things that will delight those of us who have had a man like Philip in our past. He is a grand controller, seemingly a gift from god on the outside but a devil on the inside. All of his exes come together to eventually tackle the antics of Philip as he descends deeper and deeper into a level of aggressiveness that is frightening and beyond daunting for the three ladies. However, they are a resourceful crew and Philip perhaps has met his match in these ladies. Although Philip is clever, supposedly beloved by the police department of which he is a member, and is still able to weave his spell entrapping one of the ladies, will he eventually find that as the saying goes every dog has its day?

The book flips back and forth as Philip becomes more dangerous and the ladies seem to be enclosed within that sphere of danger. He is the ultimate nightmare always seeming to be one step ahead. Will Philip used his cunning and deceit to win or will the ladies be the victors in this game that is turning serious by the minute?

This was an enjoyable book, one that held the reader’s attention although at times perhaps stretched the envelope of believability a bit.

in order to love who you are you cannot hate experience that shaped you - Google pretraživanje

Jo Jakeman's picture  Jo Jakeman was born in Cyprus and worked for many years in the City of London before moving to the countryside with her husband and twin boys. She was the 2016 winner of the prestigious Friday Night Live Award at the York Festival of Writing

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