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Happy Saturday Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter  Halloween is coming up this week, so as always that should be fun watching the kids come to the door so excited to get their treats. Another part of the fun of this week is reading and I have a number of books I am “dying” to delve into.

Virgil Wander  I have already started this book and have to say I am intrigued not only the excellent writing but also by the story that Mr Enger is telling. The characters represent so well that idea we often have of small town living with Virgil trying to recover from a horrific car accident where his memory has been shattered. He tries to put all the pieces back together and as he does we meet the other characters so intertwined with his life. I am already thinking this will be a five star read for me. Savoring every page…

The Witch Elm   This is a carry over from last week and up until about the forty percent mark, it seemed to be a bit meandering. However, now with the skull and the skeleton discovered, the story has picked up and has definitely ensnared me into its web. How this will all come together while Toby is able to reconcile his memory issues and the care of his wonderful uncle Hugo will be a riveting read for me.

Under My Skin   This is another book, I have started and been captivated wondering about Poppy and her being haunted by the death of her beloved husband, Jack. Will she learn who killed him and is her life also in danger as she feels that she is being followed. The nightmares and the blackouts begin and Poppy’s life is in turmoil. So far for me, this is shaping up to be a wonderful thriller, perfect for the season we are in.   Can’t say that I have read all twenty three of the Jack Reacher books, but I have read a number of them. I have always found them to be fast paced and truly a fun read full  of adventure and mayhem. This book seems to be no exception as Jack once again gets drawn into intrigue when the town he thought his father lived in has no record of him ever being there.


In the Galway Silence (Jack Taylor, #14)   I seem to be drawn to Irish authors and this would be my first Ken Bruen. book. Jack Taylor is the main protagonist in this tale. He is a hard living, hard drinking man but now has seemed to have found peace. Then again that peace seems about to be broken into as he is drawn into an investigation of the murder of twin boys. Sounds like a wonderful premise to me and I am anxious to delve into this one.

Tailspin   Sandra Brown is another author I have been anxious to read so when my library had this book on the almost new shelf, I though I would give it a “spin.” The premise sounds great . A pilot trying to deliver a mysterious package and all types of obstructions being put in his way sounds both mysterious and perhaps a bit chilling as well. Love the cover as well and this just might be a great way to begin a Sandra Brown journey.

That’s my week of reading . I am looking forward to some goodies here lots of treats and maybe a few tricks as well. Have a wonderful week dear book friends and Happy Halloween!

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An October Night

By Charles Audette


The wind whispers
A wary warning
There was plenty, still
Early this morning

These primal urges
Are hard to fight
An unholy diet
A dark appetite

The pavement scrapes
With scuttling leaves
I’ll pull the drapes
And hope to deceive

The moon suffocates
In ominous clouds
Shut off the lights
Heartbeats too loud

Then the neighbor’s gate creaks
But it’s not the wind
That seeks to feast
On fearing humans

Red brake lights
A car crawls by slow
The shadowy shapes
On my dark doorstep know

That the empty window
Of my house lies.
The horrible truth
Hides deep inside

Everything tonight
Could have been just dandy
But now the demons have wrath –
Cause I ate all the candy!

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