A new month A new week of reading! Here’s what I read this week. #virgilwander #thewitchelm #pasttense #inthegalwaysilence #netgalley #chesapeakelibrary @absltmom

Happy Saturday Happy Weekend @ HappySaturdayImages.com  Welcome to Saturday and the start of a great weekend, the first weekend of November. It’s also time to set your clocks back so yea an extra hour of blessed sleep for you!

Today I am bringing you a list of the books I read this week. Most of them were quite good and gave me lots of reading pleasure. Here they are:

CJ's Book Corner  There are some books that just give you that terrific vibe, the one where you say at their finish, gosh that was good. Virgil Wander was that type of book for me. From its fist page I was caught up not only with the characters but also with the town and the environment that Leif Enger created. From my review, As Virgil recovers the town also seems to do so. This character driven novel is not a quick read, it is one you want to savor as Mr Enger opens us up to all possibilities, the real, the sublime, the magical, the deadly. His characters struggle, they fail, they succeed, they stumble, they go forth. There is, like life itself, so much happening within its pages and the analogies, the folktales, and the magic come at you as you are mesmerized by the words that strike a human core.”

4 Star Rating Logo | www.pixshark.com - Images Galleries ... The Witch Elm had me guessing for quite some time as to whether I would continue this book to its conclusion. However, as sometimes happens good things come to those who wait and this book gave me a most satisfying read and a character driven novel. It is a story of change of having your views shift once and then shift again and again. From my review, The story shifts back and forth as Ms French takes us on a journey through the web of deception and guile. Toby’s cousins, a close knit group as teenagers and young children, come together to support their Uncle Hugo, but along the way truths, untruths, and trickery are ferreted out as we look to find who killed Dominic. There are a plethora of reversals, of finding one going in one direction and then swerving to another. The writing is amazing, showing us the way things spiral and make about faces, as we spin and shift our point of view, never knowing exactly where we are, who we believe, and how the sands shift below the characters.

4 Star Rating Logo | www.pixshark.com - Images Galleries ...  I have always been a fan of Lee Child and his character Jack Reacher. He has carried this character through many outings and Jack, through Mr Child’s eyes, never varies in his pursuit of finding truth and defending those who are in trouble and in the book Past Tense, Jack once again encounters trouble with a capital T.  From my review, “Tough and resilient as we who know Jack Reacher to be, this book will not disappoint those who have been with Lee Child for many of his adventures with Jack. Recommended to those who like a tough, what you see is what you get type protagonist. He is the epitome of a tenacious and resilient character who you would certainly want in your corner in a bar fight or any other precarious exploit.”

4 Star Rating Logo | www.pixshark.com - Images Galleries ...  I am a newbie where Sandra Brown books are concerned. So in Tailspin, I was not sure what to expect. I did find I enjoyed this fast paced, on the edge of your “flying” seat book. In Tailspin, we get to meet the indomitable Rye who is everything one could want in a tough male character. Brown weaves a tale of daring do and has Rye and a beautiful doctor save the day once again. From my review, “The author has made this book into an action packed adventure with all manner of bad guys populating its pages. Time is indeed running out and the clock ticks down as both Rye and Byrnn race to thwart the bad guys and get the contents of this box to the person who most needs it. Along the way, of course there is a smoldering romance that develops between Rye and Brynn. Will this duo be successful or will their allotted time run out not only on what is carried within that box, but also on the lives each of them lead?”

In the “I don’t know how many star category goes In The Galway Silence. Not quite sure where or what I feel about this book. Perhaps it was a bit too gritty for me as this in your face knock em down concepts do not sometimes work for me. From my review, “I am somewhat ambivalent about how I feel about this book and the way in which Mr Bruen writes. It was a short book, but written in that kind of flow of consciousness way that had you flipping around trying to absorb the happenings. One might refer to this writing as controlled chaos. So, I am still thinking and still digesting whether this might be one of those love/hate relationships one can sometimes have with a book. Would I recommend this book? hmmm don’t really know.”

That was my reading week, none too shabby for sure. Sure hoping that your week was wonderful filled with super books and happiness.

“Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book”.

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