Hey it’s November and here’s what I am reading this week #thetraveling catchronicles #therainwatcher #onedayindecember #thecaregiver #theshadowswehide #nightofmiracles #theheartsinvisiblefurries #hiroarikara #tatianaderosnay #josiesilver #samuelpark #alleneskens #johnboyne #elizabethberg #netgalley #edelweiss #chesapeakelibrary @absltmom

Hello November Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook ... It’s a new month, a new time to start on another book journey. Here’s what my first week of November is looking like 30 Reasons to Read Books | Serious ReadingThe Travelling Cat Chronicles  I’ve heard lots of favorable tidings about this book. So anxious to meet Nana, the cat, and the various people who “populate” his life. I have owned many cats and at one time my house had four of them, many coming home with my college daughters so we became a family of cats. Hoping this book is just purr fect.

The Rain Watcher   I loved reading Sarah’s Key so I am hoping this new book of Tatiana De Rosnay will excite me the way that book did. Star ratings from my book friends have me thinking I might have found a wonderful book.

Night of Miracles   So looking forward to this book especially after loving this author previous one, Arthur Trulov. So happy to see that Arthur’s story and friends will continue to populate this novel and Lucille is back.

One Day in December   I am not a big romance story reader but this one has definitely caught my eye. Love at first sight can it be real? I will be reading this one with the Traveling Sisters book group on Goodreads. Everyone needs a bit of romance of course!

The Caregiver   Finally getting to this one which has been on my to read list for quite a while. Lots of excellent star rating on this one as well telling a story of a woman immigrant who must confront her past while giving care to a dying woman.

The Shadows We Hide   If you have read The Life We Bury, how could you possible pass up this one? Joe Talbot is back this time investigating the murder of his father, a father he never knew. This sounds totally awesome and Mr Eskens is a writer whom I both love and admire. Another book I am hoping to share with the Traveling Sisters group on Goodreads!

and one last thing…I am doing a reread of The Heart's Invisible Furies, a book I loved, loved, loved. Introducing it to some friends of mine and so hoping that my love for this book will definitely move to their love for this book. Can’t beat John Boyne for a story that is touching, loving, and heartfelt.

There it is, my books of the week. As always, I am hoping that the books you read this week will fill you with joy and hours of reading pleasure.

Happy Quote Sunday — a Read Tuesday special! – Speak Happiness     or you can join NetGalley, Edelweiss, and your library!!!

13 thoughts on “Hey it’s November and here’s what I am reading this week #thetraveling catchronicles #therainwatcher #onedayindecember #thecaregiver #theshadowswehide #nightofmiracles #theheartsinvisiblefurries #hiroarikara #tatianaderosnay #josiesilver #samuelpark #alleneskens #johnboyne #elizabethberg #netgalley #edelweiss #chesapeakelibrary @absltmom

  1. Your week sounds great with some exciting books! I am at the halfway mark on One Day and I am really enjoying it. I have started Shadows but not too far in. I look forward to the discussion for both of them. Hmm I totally missed seeing Night of Miracles. I need to take a closer look at that one. I really enjoyed the previous one too!

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  2. Love this post Marialyce! 💜💕Your week sounds busy but WONDERFUL!!!! Looking forward to your reviews!!! And I absolutely love that last saying you put at the end! You always come up with the most amazing pics and sayings to include in your posts. 💜🌸

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      1. You do such an amazing job with those pics and sayings. Such a beautiful touch to your blog. I always look forward to what you will include next. 💕

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  3. What a fabulous stack of books! Cat is so unique and was refreshing. Also lived Day in December much more than I anticipated! ❣


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