It ‘s Thanksgiving week and here’s what I am reading….#unsheltered #huntinganabelle #theclockmakesdaughter #newsofourlovedones #foreverandaday#barbarakingsolver @wendydheard @katemortonauthor #abagaildewitt @anthonyhorowitz #netgalley #edelweiss #chesapeakepubliclibrary

Sunday Pictures, Images, Graphics for Facebook, Whatsapp   Happy Sunday one and all! Here we are the week of Thanksgiving and I am hoping all of you have a most wonderful plan for the holiday with lots of excellent food, loved ones, and fun. Let the eating begin! 37 Funny Thanksgiving Pictures That Are So Funny You Can't ...The books I plan on reading this week offer a different type of experience and are diverse as well from the exploration of two families in Unsheltered, to what proves to be a terrifying look a a killer falling in love in Hunting Anabelle, to murder and a missing person and years in between in The Clockmaker’s Daughter, and finally to love and loss in News of Our Loved Ones.

Unsheltered   I have loved many of Barbara Kingsolver’s book, my favorite being Prodigal Summer so I am ever so anxious to begin my journey with this book.

Hunting Annabelle  This book sounds disturbingly awesome. A killer once confined to a mental institution, now released, falls in love with a girl who goes missing. Sounds like an addictive read to me! It’s this author’s first book so here’s hoping it will be a knockout.

The Clockmaker's Daughter   I have read a few of Kate Morton’s book and I must say this one sounds intriguing. I usually do so enjoy books that are placed in the same setting at two different time periods. This one has some great reviews from people I admire, so  hoping for a really fantastic read.

News of Our Loved Ones   I do so love books set in the period of World War 2 especially those who relate experiences of what they went through in Europe. This one is set in both France and America and it, too, has had some great ratings. Hoping to find a riveting read in this book.

Forever and a Day   This will be my third Anthony Horowitz book. I have loved the other two of his I have read both The Magpie Murders and The Word id Murder are high on my list of wonderful reads. So I am super anxious to see how Mr Horowitz handles the birth of James Bond, Agent 007.

There are my books for the week. Not sure if I will get to all of them, but with a really long car trip ahead I just might.

Quotes From Books. QuotesGram                       “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”(Joseph Addison)

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