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Welcome to a new week and now there are only nine days left until the Big Guy makes his appearance. Hope you all are ready for the big day and that you will enjoy the coming week. No stress allowed!

So, here is what I am hoping to read this week:

Keeping Lucy

So over the top excited about T. Greenwood’s newest book. I was super surprised that I received an advanced copy of this one and as T. Greenwood is a favorite of mine, I know I will love this book. A mother’s newborn is taken from her because the child has Down’s Syndrome. She is placed in a home for mentally handicapped children and the mother fights to get her back. Based on true events, this one promises to be a riveting story as are all of T. Greenwood’s books. Reading this one with my best friend, Jan, so that makes things even better.

The Dreamers

This book sounds fascinating. It is about a town suffering from an illness that puts its sufferers into a perpetual sleep. Not only that, but their dreams are effecting their brain activity, a phenomena that has been never seen before. Sounds utterly fascinating and one that my best friend, Jan and I are reading together.

That Churchill Woman: A Novel

Jennie Jerome, Winston Churchill’s mother has always been a fascinating person. Many would say that Jennie was a woman, born both into wealth and perhaps a woman born before her time. She made a splash across Europe and married her husband after only three days of meeting him. Should be a great story!

Witness: Lessons from Elie Wiesel’s Classroom

Through a student of world famous Elie Wiesel, we get a look into the classroom where Mr Wiesel taught. The author met Mr Wiesel when he was fifteen and become his student at the age of twenty. This promises to be an amazing read.

She Lies in Wait (DCI Jonah Sheens, #1)

This book, the start of a new series, looks to be a wonderful police procedural novel. Told about a thirty year old cold case, and introducing us to a new character, Jonah Sheens. From the reviews, this is a totally dark, atmospheric novel. Looking forward to the start of this series.

The Lost Girls of Paris

Three women, a female spy ring, and World War 2, all seem to me to be the makings of a thrilling story. Combine this with the concept that this book was inspired by real events makes me so very anxious to begin.

There they are, the books of the week which I hope to get to. Wishing everyone happy reading and hoping that you have some wonderful books in your lineup for the week.

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