It’s the first Thursday of the new year. I just read It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover #itendswithus #romance #independence #abuse @colleenhoover #chesapeakememoriallibrary @absltmom

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Happy thoughts are sent to you today!

Today is my first blog post of the new year. Let’s get this party started. It’s also my second book written by this author.

For Lily, our adorable protagonist, life is turning wonderful. It hasn’t always been a easy road for Lily, but she has dreams and aspirations and when a gorgeous man, Ryle, a neurosurgeon to boot, enters her life, well, it seems as if Lily has just stepped into a bit of heaven.

Ryle is arrogant. He knows what he wants and has not made a single committeemen to a woman, but has a definite commitment to one night stands. Lily is attracted to him, but will not make that leap into being another one night stand for Ryle. However, the sparks fly and as Lily and Ryle become a pair, Lily also is able to open her own flower shop and along with Ryle’s sister, and the business becomes a success.

Unfortunately, Ryle has a definite character flaw and as this becomes tragically apparent, Lily reconnects with a boy, Atlas Corrigan, who she was ever so close when she was fifteen. Will that connection she once had with Atlas help her through the inevitable crisis she will find herself in?

Initially, as I am not a big fan of romance stories, I thought to push this book aside. I mean it was cute, predictable, and what I thought to be a bit fluffy. Then, the author made this book become something serious, something many women deal with, and my initial impression was ever so wrong. I am so glad I pushed through the beginning for what Coleen Hoover did was take on a topic that is so important and relevant. So, my recommendation is to read this book even if you are like me and claim to be a non romance book reader. It will break your heart and pull at all those strings of your heart, mixed together with lots of tears. So, who knows, perhaps Colleen Hoover will turn me into a romance reader!

and here’s the author….

Colleen Hoover
International and #1 New York Times bestselling author of romance, YA and Women’s Fiction.
It Ends with Us

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