Kingdom of the Blind (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache #14) by Louise Penny #kingdomoftheblind @louisepennyauthor #threepines #mystery #favoritecharacters @chesapeakepubliclibrary @absltmom

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…And we are back…..Back that is to the wonderful village of Three Pines, its residents, and of course Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, his family and friends, and his band of law enforcers.

I was ever so anxious to read this book as I have read and enjoyed most of the books in this series. When reading a series such as this, one can’t help but think that you have gone home again, back to what you know and what you find good, wonderful, and always mysterious about being in Three Pines.

This book cleared up some of the things that occurred in Ms Penny’s last book and tackled once again the opioid crisis we all hear about and are ever so concerned as its touches all of us in various ways. In this outing, two story lines are being told, Armand and company are on the trail of the highly dangerous opioid drug that was released into the community by Armand himself in his attempt to stop this drug from becoming even more widespread. Armand is feeling the censure of his police department for this happening and so he and his friends within the Surete are after the drug.

The other thread is one where Armand, Myrna, and one other young man, Benedict Pouliot, are appointed litigators in the will of an old woman who has died, who claimed to be a baroness. The odd thing is that none of these litigators actually knew “The Baroness” or if she really was such a thing. So they set out to find the how and why of their being selected. Meeting and dealing with the “Baroness’s” three older children forms the gist of this second thread.

While I did like the story and the visit down memory lane, I did find that at times there was a bit of confusion. I had to think that perhaps one needed a type of map to follow some of the goings on. Overall, though, this was an enjoyable book, and one I am ever so glad, after the tragedy of losing her beloved husband, that Ms Penny was able to write.

Her notes to the reader at the end of the book are heartbreaking and one can see the undying love and affection she had for her husband. It takes a brave woman to once again take up a pen, and bring to life a character so molded by the character of her husband. Thank you to Ms Penny for again taking us back to this wonderful series and its surroundings.

Kingdom of the Blind (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #14)

and here’s the author:

Louise Penny

LOUISE PENNY, a former CBC radio journalist, is the #1 New York Times and Globe and Mail bestselling author of thirteen Chief Inspector Armand Gamache novels. She has been awarded the John Creasey Dagger, Nero, Macavity and Barry Awards, as well as two each of the Arthur Ellis and Dilys Awards. Additionally, Penny has won six Agatha Awards and five Anthony Awards, and has been a finalist for an Edgar Award. She lives in a small village south of Montréal.

13 thoughts on “Kingdom of the Blind (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache #14) by Louise Penny #kingdomoftheblind @louisepennyauthor #threepines #mystery #favoritecharacters @chesapeakepubliclibrary @absltmom

  1. Sorry to hear about her husband. I’ve only read the very first book in the series for Three Pines, but would like to read more.

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      1. I’ll have to make it a priority to try out her books very soon especially if they are something you enjoy so much!! 💗

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