You always know a series is good when……you want to go back and read it from start to finish #the silentcorner @deankootnzofficial #suspense #thriller #janehawk @chesapeakepubliclibrary @randomhouse @absltmom

Hello Thursday and welcome to the first book in the Jane Hawk series.

Having read two of the books of this series, I decided that I really needed to read the first book of the series entitled book, The Silent Corner to find out how our heroine, Jane Hawk came into being. I was thrilled with the previous two books, Crooked Staircase and Forbidden Door and I can happily say that I was just as thrilled with The Silent Corner.

Dean Kootnz has created in Jane Hawk, and intrepid, kick butt protagonist who is out to safeguard not only her young son, but also the world in general, from the technology that could one day enslave us. The suicide death, of her beloved husband, so unexplained, has Jane reeling. Knowing her husband, she knows that his suicide is wrong, and why would he utter the words, “I need to be dead?” It was not the man she knew and loved at all and though she nurses a soul full of sorrow and grief, she is hell bent on finding out the why of his death.

Jane comes to realize that something is amiss for she sees other people, those from all walks of life committing suicide, leaving nothing behind and often uttering a few cryptic words, just as her husband did. How can it be, this uptick in suicides among the bright, the successful, the happy, and those so sound in mind? There is something here, something evil and sinister, something that thrusts Jane into action. Jane is an FBI agent, so she is no novice to the ills of the world. However, she just might be ill prepared for what she will ultimately find.

This is a real action packed thriller that Mr Koontz has permeated with turmoil on every page. He has shaped Jane into a paragon of courage, audacity, and determination. Definitely recommended to those who like a strong female warrior.

The Silent Corner (Jane Hawk, #1)

and here’s the author:

Dean Ray Koontz (born July 9, 1945) is an American author. His novels are billed as suspense thrillers, but frequently incorporate elements of horror, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and satire. Many of his books have appeared on The New York Times Bestseller List, with 14 hardcovers and 14 paperbacks reaching the number-one position.[ Koontz wrote under a number of pen names earlier in his career, including “David Axton”, “Leigh Nichols”, and “Brian Coffey”. He has sold over 450 million copies of his work.

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