How well can you carry a burden? How much do you want a friend when you are lonely? #herprettyface @AuthorRobynHarding #galleryscoutpress #friendship #sociopath #psycologicalthrillers @absltmom

Welcome to Wednesday avid book readers. Hoping you are able to enjoy this day. Here in Virginia, we are getting a bit of a wintry mix, but wherever you are, I wish you warmth, a hot drink, and an excellent book.

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When you are lonely, hungry for a friend, you often accept things that might seem strange, unknown, and unlikely. Such is the case for Frances Metcalfe, a woman who hasn’t friends, seems like a social pariah at her troubled son’s school, and a stay at home mom in a neighborhood that is ritzy and wealthy. Frances wonders does she belong here, does she belong anywhere?

Her Pretty Face

Frances is befriended by Kate Randolph, a woman who is everything France isn’t. Kate is beautiful, thin, accomplished, and a social leader in the school community. It is too good to be true when Kate befriends Frances? How could she like someone like Frances, who harbors a secret she is so afraid to face, that even her husband is unaware.

Like a breeze blowing only summer winds, Kate comes into Frances’s life. Kate mesmerizes Frances, becoming her one friend and confidant, and yet just like that old adage that there is when you think good things, something positive happens, Frances embraces all the things that Kate does. Yes, she is a bit adventurous and yes, she seems a bit wild, but she is exactly what Frances needs until she isn’t. But, are these the good things that Frances desires? Is she so overwhelmed by Kate’s interest in her that she doesn’t see what is glaringly evident?

Who is is this Kate? Is she the answer to a need or is she something entirely different, something strange, something unknown, something dangerous?

Told with many suspenseful moments, the story Robyn Harding brings to light is one of secrets, of lies, of deeds so horrible that one shudders to think of them. She portrays well the ability of a sociopath to deceive, to deny, and to spin those webs that encircle those who come within their path. “The face is the mirror of the mind”, but the face of a sociopath can become a mask for evil and malevolence.

and here’s the author:

Robyn Harding is the author of several books and has written and executive produced an independent film. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and two children.

14 thoughts on “How well can you carry a burden? How much do you want a friend when you are lonely? #herprettyface @AuthorRobynHarding #galleryscoutpress #friendship #sociopath #psycologicalthrillers @absltmom

  1. Wonderful review! I really need to read this book! We have pretty mild weather here in Southern California, although it is supposed to rain tomorrow? But I think today it will be in the 70s☀️

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  2. I really enjoyed this book last summer and have bought her other book The Party to read (when I have time) because I’ve heard it’s even better. I’m really glad you enjoyed this one too!

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  3. Wonderful review, Marialyce. This sounds like an excellent thriller with another great female sociopath. I will say I have read a few with female characters and they are chilling. I need to read this one.

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