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Another week begins, and it’s back to the cold for us. Perfect time to curl up with a book, or even lots of books. Happy reading all you bookaholics!

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A Well-Behaved Woman: A Novel of the Vanderbilts

Having grown up on Long Island, New York, and having visited the Vanderbilt summer estate, (now a county run museum), many times with my children, I am ever so anxious to read and learn more about Alva Vanderbilt. Her portrait hangs prominently in the home and her taste and her husband and sons zeal for hunting is present. There is also a planetarium built on the estate by the family. Fascinating family!

The Fourth Monkey (4MK Thriller, #1)

I have waited a long time to finally put this one front and center on my never ending TBR. I do like books about serial killers, and this one promises to be quite a riveting story.

The Burning Island (Charlie Cates, #3)

This is another thriller mystery that I am looking forward to. Taking place on the main island of Hawaii, the setting is very alluring. As always, a secret harbors danger, murder, and mayhem.

Hellbent (Orphan X #3)

Having enjoyed the first two in this series about Orphan X, created by Gregg Hurwitz, I am ever so ready to dig into book three. As an added incentive, I also have book four.

Harry's Trees

I have read such glowing wonderful things about Harry’s Trees. Harry, is bereft with the recent loss of his wife, when a young girl, Oriana, enters his life. She is determined that Harry can help her as she, too, struggles with the loss of her father. Jan and I plan on reading this one together.

The Abolitionist's Daughter (Sons of the Shenandoah)

Set against the upcoming Civil War, a girl finds love and is the go between two twin brothers, finding friendship, hardship, and the breaking apart of family.

The Glovemaker

Life’s dilemmas on the Utah Territory for Deborah Tyler, in 1888 is the setting for this story. Incorporated is the Mormon culture with its religious traits and one especially that is causing a man much trouble fleeing from the US government. That is the practice of polygamy, considered to be a felony crime.

Pretty ambitious week ahead for me! But then again..who needs sleep?

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