The last week of February and it’s also my birthday week! Here’s what I am reading …. #thecurrent #thefifthtodie #thelibrarybook #thedevilsaspect #theliarschild #thelostforwordsbookshop @TJohnstonWriter @JDBarker @susanorlean @Carlabuckley @under_blue_sky @chesapeakepubliclibrary @netgalley @absltmom

Welcome to a new week. book friends. Lots of good books coming up in my reading pile this week, plus a birthday celebration at my favorite restaurant Ruth Cris. Hope all is “readably” wonderful for you this week!

The Current

Ten years separates murders of woman who tragically died in a river outside a small town in Minnesota. How did these girls die and how are they connected, if indeed they are, is the basis for this suspenseful novel. Jan and I are buddy reading this one.

The Fifth To Die (4MK Thriller, #2)

Having been blown away (aka scared out of my mind) by The Fourth Monkey, I knew I had to read this next in the series. Sure to be another spine tingling journey into the mind of a serial killer. I can see some sleepless nights ahead.

The Library Book

What would we ever do without out libraries? (thank you Ben Franklin) When the Los Angeles public Library burns in 1986, the fire was a disaster. Written as a tribute to libraries and to all those who work and frequent their environs, this will be a book that those of us who are readaholics will adore. Jan and I are buddying up on this book.

The Liar's Child

After recusing two children during a raging storm, this story takes us into a world where your decisions have consequences, some of them deadly. As three lives interweave, the story becomes a psychologically propelled picture of family drama, mixed in with hate, anger, and redemption.

The Lost for Words Bookshop

Wanted to get to this book last week, but didn’t fit it in so I am determined this week to give this lovely book a read.

Happy almost March all you readaholics. Hoping the new week and month brings you an abundance of wonderful stories.

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11 thoughts on “The last week of February and it’s also my birthday week! Here’s what I am reading …. #thecurrent #thefifthtodie #thelibrarybook #thedevilsaspect #theliarschild #thelostforwordsbookshop @TJohnstonWriter @JDBarker @susanorlean @Carlabuckley @under_blue_sky @chesapeakepubliclibrary @netgalley @absltmom

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