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Not knowing why your child is constantly sick is a huge dilemma for a parent. You run from one doctor to the next searching for the reason, the why of your child’s constant sickness. Your child suffers, your marriage suffers, and you, the mother, suffer so fearful of the unknown, thinking that someway somehow cancer is the malady.

Saving Meghan

Becky Gerard, has so much to contend with, her mother dying, a husband who seems disinterested, a daughter, Meghan, who is constantly ill. When on her way to say goodbye to her ailing mother, she receives a frantic phone call from her husband, she scurries to the hospital where Megan has been taken and so begins a chain of events that will have a devastating outcome.

The question that plagues all of them is why is Meghan always sick when there seems to be no medical cause for it? What seems likes dozens of doctors, visits and hospital stays have produced little more than frustration, worry, and a nagging feeling that something is terribly wrong. Then however, one doctor in the hospital where Meghan has been brought, seems to have an answer, mitochondrial disease. Unfortunately, this disease is very difficult to diagnose and since over time Meghan has developed an aversion to needles, there is trepidation to the procedure to find out if indeed it might be mitochondrial disease.

There is, on the other hand, something else which might be occurring. The mother begins to be suspected of Munchausen’s By Proxy Disease, an psychological illness where a caretaker imagines and ultimately foster illness upon the one in their care, seeking attention, drawing sympathy, all in an attempt to make people feel sorry for them. Is this ultimately what Becky is doing? Is there really no illness suffered by Meghan but the desire of her mother for her to be sick?

There are other forces afoot and as the hospital, the mother, and the doctors fight over Meghan’s care, the father seems to withdraw further until the ultimate happens and Meghan is placed under the protection of CPS.

This was a different look at how people manipulate and see conditions that are sometimes not there. It is also a look at the devious nature of some as they twist things to achieve what they want. This was a quick enjoyable story but I will admit it had some flaws. It seemed at times to be long winded and overplayed. The writing was good, but the story line at times had me rolling my eyes. There were details that were somewhat far fetched but overall the shocking conclusion at the end carries this story.

Recommended to those who like a psychological thriller and family dramas.

Thanks you to D.J. Palmer, St Martin’s Press, and NetGalley for a copy of this book due to be published on April 9, 2019.

and here’s the author:

D.J. PALMER is the author of numerous critically acclaimed suspense novels, including Delirious and Desperate. After receiving his master’s degree from Boston University, he spent a decade as an e-commerce pioneer before turning his attention to writing. He lives with his wife and two children in New Hampshire.

9 thoughts on “A daughter, a mother, an unexplained illness Saving Meghan @djpalmerauthor @StMartinsPress #familydrama #munchausensyndrome @NetGalley #psycologicalthriller @absltmom

  1. Hmmm, this sounds interesting, but long winded in parts is not what I like to read. I will have to wait and see about this one. Wonderful review Marialyce.


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