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You never know when you will meet someone. It’s hard to tell a time, a day, or even a place but for Joe Goldberg, love walked in the door of the bookstore where he worked in the form of Guinevere Beck. Oh, Joe is instantly besotted, he’s intoxicated by Bec, her nickname. He will do anything to get to her and I do mean anything.

Social media offers Joe lots of ways to “see” the lady of his dreams and his passion, and Joe has oodles of passion for Bec. His ardor is expressed in so many ways, ways in which well, to tell the truth, might be a tiny bit like stalking. Joe knows, he knows all there is to know about Bec and as he maneuvers his way into her life, “unusual” things happen, people seem to drift out of the picture (wink wink) and Joe thinks he might finally have captured the girl of his dreams, his fantasies have been answered, his chimera has appeared. Joe conjures up ways to “get” Bec and it seems like he has been successful.

Joe has no problem letting the reader know all the things he wants to do to and with Bec. He makes sure he is there wherever she is, even if she doesn’t know it. After all, Joe wants the to prove his devotion, how much he cherishes his love, and heck if it takes following her, stealing her cell phone, breaking into her apartment and assorted other ditties well, Joe is in love so there…

I listened to this book, and honestly there were a few (well really more than a few, like lots) times that I am sure I blushed for Joe lays it all out both literally and figuratively. He is, or at least he thinks he is, what every women solely desires, a man who will do anything for the sake of his loved one. Yes, this one was super explicit, sex scenes galore, and language that would make your head spin. But Joe, makes this book addictive reading for as we follow him as he follows Bec, we see vividly portrayed, the dangers of the social media scene and the way in which a psycho can manipulate things to fit his or her needs. Sorry Joe but a psycho you are…!!!!

and here’s the author:

Caroline Kepnes is the author of You and Hidden Bodies. She splits her time between Los Angeles, California and Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

“The problem with books is that they end.”

10 thoughts on “Breath in, breathe out and just say wow! You @carolinekepnes @AtriaBooks #stalker #socialmedia #audiobook @absltmom

  1. I listened to this on audio too and loved it. I think if I’d read it, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much, but he was the perfect Joe! I have to say at times. I feel so weird, but I liked Joe at times…that’s just crazy, but he came across normal and then boom, psycho! It was so well-done. I’ve still not read Hidden Bodies because the reviews are so mixed, but I plan to this summer. Excellent review!

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  2. I agree with everyone else this is a perfect audiobook! Loved it! I also liked Joe. Have you watch the television show? It is pretty darn good I’d have to say.

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