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The Killer Across the Table

Every so often a book sends shivers down one’s spine, makes one check the locks of the doors and windows of the house, and hunker down to listen to a book that is both harrowing and frightening all in the knowledge that this was all true. Needless to say, the saying life is stranger than fiction is ever so true and in the harrowing story of serial killers, one finds that the strange is also the horrifying.

More to come as Jan and I tackle our reviews….and here they are…..

Jan’s review

The real-life FBI profiler who inspired the TV program, Mindhunter, reveals his secrets within these pages. He details some of his most high-profile cases and his interviews with the criminals. He delves deep into their crimes and their minds. 

I’m a fan of true crime and of all things psychological. This was a disturbing look into some truly diabolical minds. Their utter lack of humanity and empathy is the stuff of nightmares. Are psychopathic killers born or are they made? And if made, what experiences molded them into cold-blooded killers devoid of the characteristics that makes us human?  By sitting down with convicted killers and using interview techniques specific to the criminal mindset, he explores potential answers to these questions. By doing so, the author unlocks the secrets to profiling, which improves the odds of identifying and apprehending these monsters.

Well-written and narrated by the actor from Mindhunters, this is the perfect book  for true-crime devotees who are interested in criminal profiling. I recommend this one only for those who can stomach the graphic details of the crimes and can tolerate being inside the minds of serial killers. 

I highly recommend this on audio. Don’t miss the interview at the end between the narrator and the author.

This was another fantastic buddy read with Marialyce.

Marialyce’s review

Imagine the most frightening book you have ever read? It made you scared, creeping you out, chilling you, probably horrifying, eerie and alarming. However, that book was fiction and though you were scared silly, you knew in your head that nothing there was real.

What if you read a horrific book about killers, serial killers, and the mind that creates such people and all of it was totally real. This is the world that John Douglas and Mark Olshaker present to us as we are seated with the killer across the table. The harrowing details and the people described, names we all know, crimes we all read of or listened to on the nightly news were vividly portrayed for us in detail as to what creates this kind of macabre personality.

As we travel the road taken by Mr Douglas as a former FBI profiler, we are lead into the world of the psychopath and we, as well as the author, try to understand the why of their nature. Do they, these killers, share similar characteristics or is each one a separate entity, one bent on destruction and death of another human being?

This is the stuff of nightmares, it is a nightmare lived out in the real world. These killers once lived among us and probably some still do. This was a fascinating story certainly not for the faint of heart but one that I found so intriguing and thought provoking.

Jan and I had a few lurking nightmares after reading this one, but it was definitely and alluring look into the mind of killers.

and here are the authors:

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