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The Whisper Man

It is always so very important to read and understand other’s points of view. That not only goes for books but also for living in today’s society. Listen, look, and learn from one another. People should always be allowed to have contrasting views. So, here are two very different looks at the book, The Whisper Man.

Jan’s review

Tom and his young son, Jake, still grieving from the death of their wife and mother, move to a new town for a fresh start. A young boy is found dead and the crime is eerily similar to the decades-old crimes of The Whisper Man. The problem? The Whisper Man is in prison so who is the copycat murderer?  Adding to the suspense, Jake starts to hear whispers outside his window. Is it real or is it the imaginary friend he frequently communicates with?  

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This is as much a character study as it was a mystery, with an examination of the father-son relationship. I do enjoy a look into dysfunctional relationships so I liked this part of the story. Jake was sensitive, had trouble fitting in at school, and difficulty connecting with his father, making him a sympathetic character.  Pete, a police detective,  was one of my favorite characters and I would have liked to know more about him.

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The writing was ok, and the first half moved along quickly, but the story bogged down in the middle and I was easily distracted from my reading, which never happens when I am in the midst of a gripping thriller. There were a few plot holes and events that happened to move the plot forward that stretched believably and made my eyes roll a few times. 

All in all, this was just an ok read. It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t the scary, gripping thriller I was expecting. Despite warnings from many reviewers, I was neither creeped out nor felt chills while reading.  

This was a buddy read with Marialyce, who enjoyed the book more than I did. For an alternate opinion please see her review.

*I received a copy of the book from Edelweiss. All opinions are my own.

Marialyce’s review

Are you in the market for a thrilling thriller. You might just be wanting to read a book that will keep you checking that the doors and windows in your home are locked. You might just want to be scared, really scared, and find you are addicted to the pages of a book. If this criteria fits you, then I suggest you head to your nearest bookstore, library, or amazon, and pick up this gem of a story that will definitely fulfill the thriller quotient in your life. - Not All Shadow People Are Scary

There is a lot of frightening things in the world and one of the most frightening is the fact that someone can take your child. It’s a constant worry for in our world, there are predators who prey on children. These monsters not only take children from their family, but also steal their innocence, happiness, and joy.

If you leave a door half-open, soon you’ll hear the whispers spoken…

Such a person was The Whisper Man.

Tom Kennedy and his son, Jake, have just moved into a new town, wanting to make a new start after the very tragic death of Jake’s mother. The house they select is a strange one, having a sinister aura, a spooky house that has for years been the stuff of legends and childhood dares.

Jake is a sensitive boy, slow to make friends, but does have one friend, an imaginary girl, who wants to keep Jake safe. Jake’s dad struggles to come to terms with his son who seems so different and distant. Little does he realize that Jake is being targeted for his frailties. Twenty years ago, there was a man, the whisper man he was known as, who had taken young boys and murdered them. Yet, it seems as if he has returned. But how can that be, for this ghoul of a man is in prison for his crimes? So is there a copycat roaming about or is their something supernatural going on?

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This book will keep you glued to the pages, as the author weaves a tale that both startles and scares the reader. He merges twists in the story that come out of nowhere but add to the aura of the sinister and the strange. Masterfully done, this book is highly recommended not only for its scare factor but also for its tense tight writing that flows along with the story. This is more than a thriller, this is a character study that delves into the question of child abuse on many levels. Well done, Mr North and when can I expect your next book? I seriously need to be chilled and unsettled once again!

Thank you to the Alex North, Celadon Books, and Edelweiss for making a copy of this book available to me. I lost a full night’s sleep reading this one….

and here’s the author

Alex North was born in Leeds, England, where he now lives with his wife and son. The Whisper Man was inspired by North’s own little boy, who mentioned one day that he was playing with “the boy in the floor.” Alex North is a British crime writer who has previously published under another name.

21 thoughts on “The Whisper Man @writer-_north @celadonbooks #crime #thriller #fathersonrelationships #fictionfriends #duoreviews @JanBelisle @absltmom

  1. I love these contrasting views, Jan & Marialyce! If this is supposed to be a scary story and you’re not creeped out, then it’s going to be an average reading experience. That was what happened to me with Bird Box, though the movie trailer scared me. Marialyce, it’s clear it DID frighten you as that comes across clearly. I just downloaded the audiobook so I’ll see where I land.

    Excellent ladies💜

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  2. Excellent review Marialyce, this was one of the rare cases where we didn’t have the same reading experience. Yours is the majority and I am the outlier but we still had fun reading it together! 💖

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  3. So funny how different people react so differently to a book. BUT it is also good, something for everyone! Loved your review and the book.

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  4. Great review ladies! I personally felt exactly like Jan and was extremely disappointed with this one. I enjoyed the character study, but I didn’t find anything about this one creepy or chilling and read it at bedtime on my kindle with the lights off. I was expecting to be horrified based on the hype but was skipping pages. I definitely appreciate your different takes on the book. I think Jan and I are the outlier on this one for sure! Marialyce, glad you loved it so much. Excellent job!

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      1. No problem, Marialyce! I’ve been away for a while with some medical issues, so I’m just catching up on responses myself. It definitely is! It’s ok-I personally think I was caught up in the hype on it. I wish I had read it before it was overhyped or waited it out. I may read it again at some point and see what I think a 2nd go round.


      2. Thank you so much, my friend. ♥ My lupus has been flaring up with daily migraines and pain, but I’ve felt better today and hope I’m on the mend. xx


  5. Two very different thoughts! I can see how Jan thought it was slow. I thought the struggles with Pete and Tom were slow. But aside from that, I really enjoyed it as well! Great review ladies!! 👏 I always like differing opinions. Makes for an intersting discussion 🙂

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