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It has to be hard for thriller authors to come up with ideas and concepts that will keep the “thrill” in a thriller going. So many have been written, that one would think the topics have pretty much been exhausted. They would be wrong, for in this book we have a very different topic, that of a serial killer who sits upon a jury deciding the fate of a young up and coming actor who is accused of killing his wife and her supposed lover.

Thirteen (Eddie Flynn, #4)

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

Eddie Flynn, doesn’t know what he is getting himself into when he accepts being the second chair at a high profile trial. A young actor, Bobby Solomon, very much on the upswing career wise, is accused of killing his wife and her supposed lover. What Eddie doesn’t know is that in this trial he will come up against a serial killer and it’s not the young actor, but a person who has killed and manipulated circumstances so he could sit on this jury for the trial.

A real courtroom, a real judge, a mock trial for students ...

Eddie is smart, a former con man and a lawyer, but Joshua Kane, the killer is smart too! These two calculating and shred men, unbeknownst to Eddie, will go head to head in a trial not only to convict an innocent man but to ferret out a killer who has a history of planned murders all fitting an insidious plan. Joshua’s plan has been in effect for quite some time as he has made his way through murdering people, while no one seems to be the wiser. They fail to connect the dots, and those dots are the ones that Eddie finds himself trying to correlate.

As the bodies pile up, and the original lawyer quits after the movie studio pulls the funding, Eddie is pitted against a killer who is cunning and seems to have a foolproof plan. Will Eddie recognize Joshua for what he is before he either loses this case or his life?

How Serial Killers Work | Crime, People and Psychology

Told with lots of twists, we enter the devious mind of Joshua Kane, finding out bits and pieces of what made him into the monster he is today. We also see Eddie, a man who has turned his life around, and is hell bent on saving a client he believes to be innocent. Both men are brilliant, devious, and calculating. They have their goals and as they encounter each other it becomes a game of wits that has many bodies fall on the wayside. Joshua will not have his plan upset by Eddie. While Joshua knows what he is, Eddie is about to find out. While the dots are being connected, Eddie finds his life in peril. Will he be the next to die and fit into the jigsaw puzzle of Joshua’s plan?

I enjoyed this book for I felt it was so very different from those mediocre run of the mill thrillers I have read. So kudos to Mr Cavanagh for keeping me interested from the initial page to it conclusion. Pick this one up if you are looking for an engrossing couple of hours and do love those serial killer scenarios. I am going to be picking up the rest of the books in this series and making what I hope to eventually be an astonishing and hair-raising journey with Eddie Flynn!

Steve Cavanagh

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  1. I put this on my TBR when I read a few reviews about it awhile ago. You have really hooked me on this one, but I have a questions. Do I need to read this series in order, or can I jump in with this book?


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