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Out of the Dark (Orphan X, #4)

What is better than reading one of Gregg Hurwitz’s books, but being able to read two of them!!!

“Her death had been ordered by no less than the president of the United States, and a thing like that tended to make a girl wary.”

From the quote I guess you can tell that somehow the President wants someone to die. Well really there are quite a few someones who need to see the end of life and our Evan is one of them. As those who are familiar with the series, know, Even was an orphan who was scooped up and trained to become a super secret black ops agent. Trained by Jack, the closest person Evan had to a father, Evan is a human lethal weapon with the mind and agility that powers him through the most dangerous of situations, taking on multiple people (at once) who want to put an end to him. Some of the characters we have come to know in the series are back, and this book introduces us to a delightful young man, probably on the autism spectrum, who Evan helps when this boy, an affirmed rule follower, won’t allow shipment of fish hiding eighteen million dollars of drugs to pass inspection. Needless, to say this young man’s life is in peril.

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However, dealing with this as well as all attempts to stay alive, Evan confronts Orphan A, man hellbent on destroying Even. So it’s orphan against orphan with some wild scenarios, and a thrill a minute page turner. A book, a series that keeps on getting better and better, and one that can put the wow and enjoyment factor back into reading.

Oh my god, I so love this series! Imagine my excitement when I was able to get an advanced copy of book V in the Orphan X series? I jumped at the chance and much to my amazement was once again mesmerized by the exploits of Evan, who manages such death defying actions, that he is able to save the day each and every time. Who needs Superman when you’ve got Evan? Seriously, there’s not a better bad guy with a wonderful heart than this character. He generates lots of enjoyment and just plain fun!

Into the Fire (Orphan X #5)

Here it is, the fifth book in the series and while other series lag at times, this one keeps on going stronger than ever.

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Our man of derring do is again helping another person who is in deep guano. This time it’s Max Merriweather, a man who has gotten caught up in a scenario definitely designed to get him killed. So, Max makes that call and Even answers with his standard “Do you need help?” and the race is one to make sure Max survives. Danger, cunning, and downright peril, meet Evan and Max on every level. Evan though this endeavor was going to be easy, but it turns out to be everything but. After all, this was going to be his last outing as The Nowhere Man, and his thought is one last time into the fire so to speak, and rescue Max who is so in need of help and understanding. Max has always felt worthless while others in his family are so successful. When his cousin is murdered, an envelope that his cousin gave to him becomes the focus of an international monetary laundering scheme worth a whole lot of money and there are many who are out to make sure that Max and Evan does not see the light of day.


If you haven’t read this series, what are you waiting for? It’s so fun, so full of adventure, so at times tongue in cheek that it’s a wonderful way to while away a few hours being highly entertained and mesmerized. I sure hope that this series does continue and as this book closes, we are given a glimmer of hope that Evan will be back.

Thank you to Gregg Hurwitz who provided me with lots of two am reads, to Minotaur Books, and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this dynamite book.

and here’s the author:

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GREGG HURWITZ is the New York Times #1 internationally bestselling author of 21 thrillers including INTO THE FIRE (January 2020). His novels have won numerous literary awards and have been published in 32 languages. Additionally, he’s written screenplays and television scripts for many of the major studios and networks, comics for DC and Marvel, and political and culture pieces for Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, and others. Gregg lives with his two Rhodesian ridgebacks in Los Angeles, where he continues to play soccer, frequently injuring himself.

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  1. Wonderful review Marialyce. I read the first three and loved them. I missed the last one so need to catch up. I do have this one though. You are right, action packed they are.


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