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Looking once again to create all the fun and intrigue of the past four books in this series, I was very happy to receive an advanced copy of this book. Once again, I was not disappointed as I followed the adventures of Casey and Dalton, as they root out evil from a faraway place called Rockton. It was to be another exciting ride into the wilds of the Yukon and one in which many of the strange but somehow alluring characters reappear.

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How could one hear a baby’s cry in the woods of the inhospitable Yukon? As Casey and Dalton were away for a bit of a vacation from the frantic pace of Rockton and its many nefarious residents, Casey hears something. It couldn’t be a baby, it must be an animal. However, upon tracking the sound Casey not only finds a baby, but also a dead woman covering the infant as a last attempt to keep it safe.

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The mystery begins as both Casey and Dalton wonder where this child came from, who are the parents, and how could anyone leave an infant to such a fate? As they search and delve into this event, more about the outer settlements from Rockton are revealed and we begin to understand the way of life in the frozen wild is indeed very different from the world we know.

Once again, Kelley Armstrong has written an intriguing story that keeps the momentum going in this series. Her characters, many of which were definitely odious in their past lives, are seen in a light that, while not always complimentary, makes them people that we come to know and perhaps even like. She reveals more and more of her main characters’s personalities, and the love story between Casey and Dalton adds a bit of spice to the tale.

If you have read the other four books, you definitely need to set time aside for this one, as you will not be disappointed. It is a riveting gripping tale that grabs you from the onset to the very last page. If you are looking for a terrific captivating series then this series is definitely recommended.

Thank you to Kelley Armstrong, St Martin’s Press, and NetGalley for a copy of this absorbing tale. This book is due out February 4, 2020

and here’s the author

Kelley Armstrong

4 thoughts on “Alone in the Wild (Rockton #5) @KellyArmstrong @StMartinsPress #Rockton #survival #mystery #suspense #caseyduncanseries @absltmom

  1. Great review, I am also not familiar with this series though it sounds so good. The case sounds so heavy though. Will definitely keep an eye out for this one.


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