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They say a mother daughter relationship can be one of the strongest bonds between two people. These relationships are complex and can go from each being each other’s best friend to one of animosity and hate. So, when John Marrs decided to take on this time honored relationship, his view turned a bit to the dark side.

What Lies Between Us

Having read. loved, and been majorly spooked by John Marrs’s The Passengers, I was quite anxious to experience those very same feelings once again, and once again I can gladly say I was not disappointed. His books encompass that feeling of well this would probably never happen, but what if it did question that rolls around in your head and takes hold.

Maggie and Nina are a mother daughter duo living in the same house, eating the same food, passing each and every day together, and best of all seeming to exist in a world of hate and animosity. One lives in an attic plotting her escape while the other lives in a world of hate, vitriol, and somewhat cloudy remembrances of the past.

So much has gone on between these two ladies that as the story is masterfully developed, we learn the many facets of each of these women’s personalities and behaviors. Maggie, the mother, expresses her overwhelming, undying love for her daughter, Nina. She has in the past and continues to be a protector, carrying this protectiveness into zones that are both bizarre and dangerous. Maggie is the consummate mother, a manipulator, and will never let anyone or anything come in the way of her daughter’s life. However, where Nina is concerned, Maggie has stars in her eyes and becomes a captive of everything that Nina is and has been

Nina hates her mother. She blames her for all the ills of her life of thirty-seven years. Forgive and forget are not on her play list and yet Nina does seem to have times where her forgetfulness has played out with devastating results. She is a sad adult, a troubled adult, an adult keeping secrets that are destroying her. She will seek revenge to her dying days and her focus of that revenge is a mother who seemed to have only her daughter’s best interest at heart…or did she?

This was an exciting heart pounding thriller that kept the focus squarely on the relationships that can develop when one is in a constant state of denial, of over protectiveness, and fear. Mr Marrs is a superstar in fessing out the story in slowly dripping details and makes each revelation one that is shocking and ghastly. This is one not to miss if you so enjoy a tale of horrifying, dreadful, and distressing proportions.

Thank you to John Marrs, Thomas & Mercer, and NetGalley for a copy of this chilling tale due out on May 15, 2020.

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