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Wow! Awesome. Amazing. Astonishing and if I used the f word I would say it was “…….” brilliant. This book has left me breathless, unable to think that I can possibly express how great it was to finally read a thriller that had it all.

The Nothing Man

I do like me some good thrillers and do so enjoy staying up half the night reading something that propels you into a world that is so sensational, that the last thought you have before turning out the light is I can’t wait to wake up and read this book! Also high up on my “this is an electrifying read” list is the ability to read a book in a matter of two days. So grab your popcorn, a fine libation, and go right ahead and dig into this story.

We all know the deal with serial killers. Their names go down in infamy but if asked I bet you could name at least one or two or even three of them. Asked the same of their victims and we all would probably draw a blank. Sad right? as if we memorialize what is evil and forget the families that have been left bereft and the people who have had their lives cut short.

When Eve Black, a twelve year old child whose parents and young sister are killed by a serial killer, survives, her life ends, her universe stops, her world shrinks, and life becomes for Eve a mission to capture the person who took her loving family away. So, later, as a college assignment, Eve writes a paper on her life without family and the tragedy of the murders and this propels interest which later turns into a true crime memoir. It becomes an instant success but behind this book is Eve’s fervent wish to capture the killer who has never been found, to bring him out into the open, to become the bait. …and bait indeed is what she becomes.

The killer has been dormant for almost twenty years but this book has gotten under his skin, made his inner turmoil boil up and over. He had killed previous to Eve’s family and as she endeavors with the help of another to pull it together, she tempts the killer with her words, her allusions, and gives him the idea that she knows exactly who he is.

This sleek book has it all, bringing out the fear factor and pits the protagonist against the person who thinks he has outsmarted everyone for yes, indeed he has remained free for the past eighteen years. Thinking back over the reading of this story, I believe, that there was nothing that Catherine Ryan Howard could have done better, because right when you think that you and she have got it all figured out, she throws a couple of one two punches at you that you think boy was I blindsided here. It’s “…….” perfect (oops!)

So you book readers who love a story that has a thrill factor of one thousand, you better line up right now because this book is going to hot, hot, hot. My advice get on line now because the sign up at the library is going to be massive.

Thank you to Catherine Ryan Howard for giving me hours of “don’t bother me I am reading” time, Blackstone for providing me a copy of this intense and breathtaking novel, and Edelweiss. This book is due to be published on 8/18/2020. Don’t miss it!

and here’s the author:

10 thoughts on “The Nothing Man @cathryanhoward @Blackstone #thriller #blewmeaway #mystery #suspence #serialkiller #bestof2020 @absltmom

  1. Excellent review. Marialyce. 🙂 This really does seem like an electrifying thriller. Staying up all night to finish a good book has its own pleasure despite it wreaking havoc on biological clock. lol.

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