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Calling all those who love to learn and dream of ancient times, where castles rose, battles were fought won and lost, where the ancients trod the earth, where love and loss bloomed.

The Lost Queen (The Lost Queen Trilogy, #1)

Have you ever wondered how the legend of King Arthur, Merlin, and the cast of what has become known as Camelot came about? Is it pure legend or is there maybe a small scrap of evidence that these people did indeed roam the earth?

The setting is sixth century Scotland. The main characters are Languoreth, a forgotten future queen and her twin brother Lailoken. These children were raised in the time of the old ways, ways that preceded them and possessed mystery, power, and a touch of magic. The old ways are being challenged by the new faith known as Christianity that brings with it bloodshed, turmoil, and heartbreak. The lands that the twins inhabit are being attacked by the Anglo Saxons and in all of this conflict Emrys Pendragon, a hero to many, arrives at their father’s home and along with him comes a strong and fierce warrior, Maelgwn. There is an immediate attraction between Maelgwn and Languoreth, but it it a love that cannot be.

Languoreth is betrothed to Rhydderch, son of a Christian king. She is bound by duty and is thrust into a world of turmoil, violence, and political dealings. Languoreth, together with those she loves, including a mysterious Druid, Myrddin, fight to keep the old ways in a time where things are changing and lives are at risk.

Ms Pike brings extensive research into this tale and it is quite remarkable as the subjects are real and although this is fiction, some parts of it could just be true. The settings described are lush and beautiful, but it is the people who draw us into the intrigue and danger that spur this book to its conclusion.
Fortunately, I have the next book in the series, The Forgotten Kingdom due out on September 15, 2020. I will continue the fascinating tale of Languoreth, the forgotten lost queen, her Lailoken, Myrddin, Malgwn, and those who cross her path.

Meet the author

Signe Pike

THE LOST QUEEN was a Barnes & Noble Discover New Writers Pick, Kirkus Reviews “Best Book of 2018,” Library Journal Fall/Winter 2018 Best Debut Novel, New York Public Library Best Book for Adults of 2018, and a Charleston City Paper Critic’s Pick.

Pike’s first book, a travel memoir entitled FAERY TALE received glowing reviews from Harper’s Bazaar and Women’s Adventure Magazine. Pike has been featured on WPR’s “To the Best of Our Knowledge” in an episode on enchantment along with Salman Rushdie, Neil Gaiman, and A.S. Byatt.

THE LOST QUEEN is currently in development for a television series with the production company Made Up Stories.

A former acquisitions editor, Pike currently lives in South Carolina, where she writes full time.

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