Because You Can’t Love ‘EM ALL!

The Girl in the Mirror

Jan’s review

Iris and Summer are identical twins, but their personalities couldn’t be more different. One is nice, one not so much. One has it all while nothing ever works out for the other one. 

Yet, when Summer calls on Iris to help her pilot her yacht from Thailand to Seychelles, Iris comes to her aid. As expected, things go horribly wrong. Jealousies, insecurities and a race for an inheritance drive the plot forward. It’s a twisty ride to an explosive ending. 

 This was a buddy read with Marialyce, and a story that disappointed both of us. I’m tiring of the evil twin/good twin (or sister) trope. The beginning was slow with a lot of sailing and technical lingo. By the time someone dies I was ready to kill them myself just to get the story off the ground. This is pure Lifetime movie escapism and a book to throw in the beach bag. Recommended  for thriller fans who can set aside their disbelief and don’t mind predictable twists you can see coming a mile away. There simply wasn’t enough here to elevate the story above an average rating.

Marialyce’s review

It seems as if twin stories are in this year or what’s left of it! This story of twin identical girls Iris and Summer is no exception to the twin routine. One is a self-assured gorgeous twin, while the others wallows in self-pity and believes herself to be the ugly twin. Say what? It’s definitely weird how the story is constructed and chances are you will figure all of it before the last page is turned. 

The implausible situations set the story up for a kind of ho-hum read and the more I thought about the story, the less I liked it. I do realize this was a debut author, but between the writing and a bevy of unlikable characters, this book was just not for me.

Jan and I shared our opinions on this one and this one lost its appeal pretty quickly. Maybe the both of us are using our Nancy Drew gene or could it be our Sherlock Holmes gene, for we figured out this story very early on.

9 thoughts on “Because You Can’t Love ‘EM ALL!

  1. The ugly twin made me laugh 😀 It sounds ridiculous that one would be gorgeous and the other one considers themselves the ugly one haha. Sorry this missed the mark for both of you. I love how well balanced your reviews are though. Can clearly see what didn’t work. Enjoy your next read.

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