BLOG TOUR : The Girl From Berlin @author_kate @bookuture #WW2 #Germany @absltmom

This was an amazing well written story that will definitely keep you interested from cover to cover.

yaya_reads (Marialyce)

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Liesel Scholz, a young German girl living in Berlin with her family, is unaccustomed to want and need. Her father is well connected in the soon to be Nazi government and Liesel is about to realize that her simple aversion to the Nazis is about to become one of hatred and contempt. The family is well to do and has a housekeeper and her daughter Rosa, who Liesel tries to befriend. However, Rosa seems standoffish and as Liesel learns more about these two people, she finds out they are Jewish. As the winds of war spread, Liesel witnesses the might of the German military, the hobnobbing with the elite of the Nazi Party, and the treatment of the Jews. She recognizes the Party for what it is and feels for Rosa as her father eventually terminates the employment of his Jewish staff.

Meanwhile in the streets of Berlin, Liesel witnesses…

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