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At times it just so happens that a family binds itself together when a deep dark secret is revealed.

The Choice I Made

Julie, the main protagonist in the book The Choice I Made, does have the light shone upon her as she struggles to reconcile the love of her family home and business and the marriage to her husband. Wood Violet is not only a home Julie has treasured, it is also the business, the exclusive resort her parents own, bequeathed to them by their parents. Her grandfather is still alive, but loves to travel so he is away a lot and Julie’s mom and dad are the proprietors.

Tragedy comes in the form of a stroke suffered by Julie’s mom. As Julie rushes home to help, she finds her link to her husband becomes more and more tenuous. He wants her back in Chicago by his side and frowns upon her losing her lawyer job to care for her mom. She is torn between her duty to her husband and her love and care for her mother. It’s a hard road to travel, but Julie knows where her heart and head lie. Added to that is the fact that Wood Violet is in financial trouble and she feels she needs to do something to assist the place she loves.

Julie becomes involved in the goings on of the business, and one day discovers a runaway living in one of the old dilapidated cabins. The girl, Margaret, is on a mission, that of finding her birth mother, who has a tie to Wood Violet. Some of the present guests of Willow Violet are old friends of Julie’s, one of whom was a boyfriend of the past. The attraction is still there between them, but Julie feels duty bound to her husband, even though she realizes that they no longer have what they once did.

Things heat up when Julie finds a number of clues that point to the fact that Margaret does indeed have some sort of connection and as the family pulls together, they find themselves discovering a huge secret that effects the lives of the whole family.

This was a nice family drama and as I started to think about the story, I realized that all families have secrets. It’s how they handle those secrets that is the base of family love, comraderie, and the ability to carry on as a unit. Recommended to those who like the interactions of family.

Thank you to Cynthia Ellingsen, Bookouture, and NetGalley for a copy of this story due out on March 10, 2021.

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and here’s the author:

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Cynthia Ellingsen is an Amazon Charts bestselling author of contemporary women’s fiction. Her books feature heartwarming characters and strong family connections, often with a touch of mystery. The Starlight Cove series, her best-known work, is available on audio and has been translated into several languages.

Cynthia began her writing career as a screenwriter in Los Angeles and now lives in Kentucky with her family.

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