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It’s quite difficult for us in our modern-day world to imagine what things must have been like during the Revolutionary War where lives, transportation, communication, and living were so much rudimentary and curtailed. In this, the second installment of Celeste de Blasis ‘ America’s Daughter’s series, we find a continuation of the tale of the young woman, Addie, her brothers and the man, Silas, she married. This was a harrowing story as Addie faces the trials of being the wife of a Patriot as well as that of step sister to an avid Loyalist.

In this portion of the series, we follow Addie as she is determined to pursue her husband, Silas, her brothers and others in their struggle to battle the British. We receive accounts of the battles, the skirmishes, and of course the dead and dying as this war rages on. Addie is totally devoted to Silas, and because of her and her brothers standing in the rag tag force of Revolutionaries, she meets many of the names we know so well from history. The story presents one with an amazing portrait of the Washingtons, he so brave, stalwart and commanding, and Martha devoted to her husband and endeavoring to be by his side whenever possible. We met Lafayette, Hamilton, the generals both good and bad and the underlying idea that these people put their lives and sometimes their fortunes on the line to fight against tyranny and demand justice and freedom for this new country.

During the story, Silas is captured and the conditions under which the Americans were held and treated were deplorable. Addie, with help from her stepbrother and a dashing Scottish leader, find Silas and the couple is reunited for a time as Silas is desperately ill wrought with pain and death waits close by. Addie is once again called upon to display the courage and bravery of her character as she witnesses the atrocities not only of the war, but also the prisoner camps and ships they were confined to.

A good historical fiction book is one that is able to blend both historical facts with the fictional elements and along the way perhaps inspire you to be aware of little-known facts. This book was able to do just that filling its pages not only with the story of Addie and her family, but giving us very personalized insights into the lives of those who have come down to us through history. It is a story of comradely, love, and the ability to stand in the face of an overwhelming adversary and still be determined to win the fight. The scenes depicted are shocking and wretched, but the spirit of these men and women was bold, courageous, and indomitable.

If you love a story that depicts a time in America where courage and unflinching resole carried us onto victory, this series is one you will enjoy.
Thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this story.

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and here’s the author:

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Millions of readers have fallen under the spell of the lush, enthralling and bestselling novels by Celeste De Blasis. Tales of adventure and romance set against the sweep of history—all are storytelling at its finest. After graduating from Pomona College, Celeste devoted her life to impeccable research and spellbinding writing. A native Californian, Celeste grew up on the historic Kemper Campbell Ranch in the Mojave Desert, where she lived until her death in 2001.

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