#BLOG TOUR: Her Ocean Grave (Detective Abby Pearce #1) by Dana Perry @DanaPerryAuthor @bookuture #kidnapping #crimethriler @absltmom

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Sixteen year old Samantha Claymore is missing and her wealthy mother and stepfather are worried.

The story takes us to the tony and wealthy island of Martha’s Vineyard, vacation-land to the rich and famous. When Samantha Claymore daughter of Valerie Claymore the scion of Claymore Cosmetics doesn’t return home from a bike ride, Detective Abby Pearce is called in. Newly arrived back on Martha’s Vineyard after a stint working in the New York City Police Department, Abby is well aware of what can and does happen to a child who goes missing especially one who is an heir to a fortune. Sure enough a ransom note arrives asking for a very strange amount of money which her step father brings to the island. And then nothing, no word from the kidnapper and the town and Abby have no idea where Samantha could be. Searches are conducted, people are questioned and there seems to be absolutely nothing that can help Abby and those who work with her as to the whereabouts of Samantha.

Abby, a runaway herself in her past, has many questions that crop up during her investigation as so many items just don’t seem to gel. She distrusts many who reside on the island, many of whom were there when she felt the need to disappear. Abby’s past keeps her pondering about the police, the investigators, and of course the wealthy people who can keep scandal and improper behavior out of the news and from being investigated.

The case takes on terrifying proportions when Samantha’s best friend is found dead as she apparently fell from a cliff. Also found among the ruins of what had happened years ago are a number of missing girls as well as the most peculiar death of Samantha’s father five years previously that Abby becomes aware of. All is not right on the island of wealth and affluence.

How all of this ties together makes for a most intriguing case for Abby as well as those who read this story. Cleverly put together, with clues dropped along the way, this book will definitely appeal to those who enjoy a twisted crime thriller that keeps the reader on edge and waiting for what seems the inevitable to happen.

Thank you to Dana Perry, Bookuture, and NetGalley for a copy of this book due out June 2, 2021.

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and here’s the author:

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I am a New York City author who writes mystery thrillers under the pen name of Dana Perry – and also as R.G. Belsky. My latest thriller for Bookouture is HER OCEAN GRAVE, the first in a series featuring Detective Abby Pearce. 

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