BLOG TOUR: The New Mother @thatjuliacrouch @bookuture @absltmom


We all know when it comes to having a new baby in the house, one could certainly use an extra pair of hands. For Rachel, an influential influencer, it’s a most needed addition so she advertises and proceeds to hire Abbie, a sweet, kind, loving girl, who is an avid fan of Rachel’s. Seems like a perfect match and as both ladies await the arrival of the baby, they learn things about one another, that perhaps they never wanted to know. They both have secrets, ones that could bring ruin onto to both their heads.

There’s many things going on in the story and just as you think you know what will happen, a curve is thrown in and viola! off you go in another direction. This was a well-done psychological thriller which pits the new age of the internet with everyday issues.

The story is told in alternate voices and it was compelling to learn of the personalities of Rachel and Abbie, as they look at each other each day a bit differently. I can’t say that I would want either of them as friends or even someone I would follow on the various sites. However, the author kept them interesting as she explored the psychological elements that drove each of them, and indeed these women were driven.
I recommend this story to those who enjoy delving into reasons and motivations of people. The old adage of “if it looks too good, it probably is” certainly applies to the meeting of Rachel and Abbie.
Thanks, to Julia Crouch, Bookouture, and NetGally for a copy of this story that was recently published.

and here’s the author:

Julia Crouch

Julia Crouch grew up in Cambridge and studied Drama at Bristol University. She spent ten years working as a theatre director and playwright, then, after a spell of teaching, she somehow became a successful graphic and website designer, a career she followed for another decade while raising her three children. An MA in sequential illustration re-awoke her love of narrative and a couple of Open University creative writing courses brought it to the fore.

She works in a shed at the bottom of the Brighton house she shares with her husband, the actor and playwright Tim Crouch, their three children, two cats called Keith and Sandra, a dog called Uncle, and about twelve guitars (you can find #Keith, who has his own hashtag, on twitter). She is a self-confessed geek and fights a daily battle to resist tinkering with the code on her website.

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