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Jan’s review

Adam & Amelia win a weekend away to Scotland and decide to use it to celebrate their anniversary. Adam is a screenwriter and a workaholic, which isn’t helping their marriage. Maybe a weekend away will be just what they need to repair their relationship. Adam suffers from prosopagnosia (face blindness), but in public his wife stays by his side and helps him out when someone they know approaches. Sometimes. She can be a little passive-aggressive. This feature adds a fun and unique element to the story.  

The couple, along with their dog Bob, arrive at the remote location in the midst of a raging snowstorm, and strange things begin happening, starting with a bedroom that is decorated exactly like the one they have at home. Add in a spooky old church, a graveyard, lost power, and a strange face that appears in the window, and you have all of my favorite elements in a thriller. 

The story alternates chapters between Amelia, Adam, and a mysterious woman named Robin.  Interspersed between these chapters are anniversary letters, which his wife would never want Adam to read. They both have their secrets, which we learn about through the letters. No one is likable here, which is not a deal breaker for me. 

It’s clear something devious is afoot. Who will win this game and will all come out alive? This one kept Marialyce and I furiously flipping the pages, and playing amateur sleuth. Once again, the author fooled us with brilliant twists and turns. By the final reveal everything I thought I knew was in question, and I wanted to start over and read it again, knowing what I now know. Were there a few inconsistencies and loose ends? Maybe, but I didn’t care, because I was engaged and thoroughly entertained throughout. I loved how the author laid out the story and how the secrets were revealed to the reader. 

This would be a terrific winter read, and if you live in the northern climes, reading it in the midst of a snowstorm curled up by the fire would be perfect. 

Marialyce’s review

Take a couple whose marriage is on shaky ground, a very spooky old church in the middle of nowhere, a person who is spying on them, and a plethora of weird occurrences and you have the makings of Alice Feeney’s book Rock, Paper, Scissors.

From the beginning of this tale, a blizzard is blowing, and our main characters, Adam and Amalia, are on their way to a free weekend away in Scotland. Both of them have their secrets which Ms Feeney lets out in drips, and from Adam, we see a man who has been plagued with face blindness, not being able to recognize even those closest to him. They have been married for ten years and each year in the spirit of giving, they exchange gifts symbolic of the year. Year one was paper, year two was cotton and so on. What Adam doesn’t know is that each year, his wife also pens a letter which she doesn’t give to him. How very strange indeed!

As the wind blows and the electricity goes, the couple start to discover their surrounding accompanied by doors that are locked and suddenly open, a cellar that provides its own level of eeriness, and strange sounds. This is not turning into a getaway weekend that will aid their marriage indeed! Add to that there is an old strange woman, reputed to be a witch, who lives in a dilapidated cottage down the lane.

The snow falls, the wind blows, and we are entrenched in a story that takes many turns as it is revealed what is occurring and how their lives or in peril.

Jan and I enjoyed this telling, holes in the story and all. It was downright spooky fun and did manage to keep our sleuthing going. We both decided that we would have left that setting pronto! Definitely, a story you will enjoy in the midst of winter with the snow and wind setting you up for a blustery and frightening evening.

and here’s the author:

Alice Feeney

Alice Feeney is a New York Times bestselling author and journalist. Rock Paper Scissors is her fourth novel and is being made into a TV series for Netflix by the producer of The Crown. It will be published around the world in 2021.

Her debut novel, Sometimes I Lie, was an international bestseller, has been translated into over twenty languages, and is being made into a TV series by Warner Bros. starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. His & Hers is also being adapted for screen by Jessica Chastain’s Freckle Films.

Alice was a BBC Journalist for fifteen
years before becoming an author. She lives in Devon with her family.

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  1. Wonderful reviews ladies. It is winter here, in fact, it snowed today. I hope to read it over the next couple of weeks, you have encouraged me to get to it sooner rather than later.

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