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A very interesting plot line makes for a ride on the wild side.

Perhaps a person has wronged you in so many ways, that all you see that person is with eyes that are full of hatred. It does seem sometimes that many a guilty party goes scot free, and our ire at the injustice of the world gets the better of us. We are consumed with hate, enough so that we can’t go forward and lose everything else that was once of value to us.

It’s been five years since the death of her daughter that Camille Gardener has been grieving. She has cut herself off from her former husband, her friends, and things that could allow her to move beyond the tragedy that had occurred.

Camille knows that the young boy who killed her daughter is free, a member of a privileged family, a boy who has it all. After all this time is there a way to extract revenge? When an invitation comes to join a secret, dark web group, that pledges to carry out acts of revenge in a clever and somewhat anonymous manner to those who escaped justice the first time, Camille decides to join.

The question comes down to are these people carrying out a vigilante justice or are have they themselves become the very people they have pledged to hate?

There are a number of plot holes, but overall it’s a tense story that keeps the reader engaged from start to finish.

and here’s the author:

Alison Gaylin

USA Today and international bestselling author Alison Gaylin has won the Edgar and Shamus awards, and has been nominated for many more, including the ITW Thriller, the Strand Book Award, the Anthony and the Macavity. She is currently at work on her 12th novel.

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