Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide @mirandadevine @PostHillPress @absltmom

exaggerations, and outright lies about his accomplishments. He lied about nonexistent academic awards and scholarships. He plagiarized speeches willy-nilly, and in one infamous case, appropriated the personal life story of British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock, pretending that he, too, was descended from coal miners and was the first in his family to get a college degree “in a thousand generations.”

My review

****Caution​​​ This book contains much sexual content, drug use, smoking, and​ language that will offend many.

I am so many emotions rolling through me after reading The Laptop From Hell. It is truly a revelation as to how dirty, devious, callous, and pernicious politics and politicians are. There is no doubt and believe me there has been for some time no doubt that we are on our own in this country. If we are looking for politicians or the government to save us, we are walking along with this laptop’s revelation to hell.

I did feel sorrow for Hunter Biden, as he always seemed to be striving for his father’s attention. There is no doubt that Hunter, a man gifted with good looks and a last name that opened doors to various and nefarious operations (with a nod from his famous father and uncle) used it to the full extent. For money making, with not a thought to its legality was the name of the game, and Hunter salivated with greed. Hunter was a drug addict and a sex addict. His behavior was governed by the need to control and he sold himself and his father to the highest bidder. Referred to as “The Big Guy” in many instances, there certainly leaves little doubt as to the big guy’s identity. The drugs, the call girls, the thousands of dollars spent in the best and fanciest hotels around the world where he partied, smoked crack, and videotaped himself having sex. He had a revolving door policy with rehabilitation facilities that cost a small fortune each time.

His name is associated with debauchery, and when he left his wife for the arms of his sister-in-law, who he also videoed having sex with him, he had fallen through the gates of hell. Hunter lacked any kind of code but he was smart and could sniff a deal that would benefit himself and his family. (If one remembers his sister-in-law had lost Biden’s son Beau to cancer.) Avarice ran through this family and no amount of money seemed to be ample for them.

It’s a lifestyle few of us would aspire to, one where supposedly family is important especially when it can garner more and more. Take and take and take some more was the motto.

Of course, all of this, the finding of the things on this laptop was pretty much concealed from the American people. Hunter had left the laptop to be repaired and after numerous phone calls that were unanswered and an unpaid bill, the laptop belonged to the owner of the repair shop. When he found the contents, after thinking about it, he alerted the FBI. The poor man after it was revealed he was in possession of this incriminating device was threatened with death, and had to close up shop and leave town.

So why weren’t the American people made aware of this? Well, it was election time and the excuses rolled out as to what it was with a Russian conspiracy plot leading the pact. Both Facebook and Twitter shut down any discussion of its contents and the only news medium that seemed to be on it was the Post. So, in essence, once again, we were kept in the dark and not allowed to know about what it contained. Some maintained this was an act of election interference.

Would it have changed the face of the election? Perhaps, but ultimately, the lies told to us by the man we chose to lead us, certainly brought on many feelings of anger, disappointment, and sadness in this reader. Power, money, prestige, and privilege led to avarice and greed on a scale one could hardly believe.

The ultimate saddest thing is we have been let down by a man we put our faith and trust in. It is often said that politics is a dirty business. This was beyond dirty this was filthy politics.

4 thoughts on “Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide @mirandadevine @PostHillPress @absltmom

  1. Excellent review Marialyce! Interestingly, the NYT is FINALLY admitting the story is true. It’s about time, but too bad the story was suppressed for so long.

    The book is sitting on my nightstand, I’m waiting for Mark to read it first.

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  2. Great review, Maryalice. Politics really is dark and Hunter does not sound like a good man at all. That bit with his sister in law is low, in addition to everything else.

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