The Last Orphan @GreggHurwitz @MinotaurBooks, @absltmom


Orphan lovers gear up for Evan is back with more spine crunching thrills and chills. Evan is once again a man on the government’s list and is to be found and detained as quickly as they can. Of course, the government has a reason for their once again interest in Orphan X.

When he is captured, the president offers him a deal, and that is to eliminate a powerful ultra wealthy man and the action and Even moves to the very rich sands of Southampton, New York. Evan through his wills and of course with a little help from his friends (hi Joey, Dog, and Orphan V), get into the high tech ultra guarded mansion and meets this man who becomes his nemesis. On the way there are a few scuffles with henchmen of course! Orphan X’s mantra of doing no harm, unless a person deserves punishment, is put to the test in this one.

In this installment, Even starts to view himself as growing older and perhaps not the killing machine he once was. We also see his growing attachment for Joey and hers for him. They try to hide it but they are starting to feel hope that a loving relationship is developing. I want to see where Mr Hurwitz takes us next on this perilous journey with Evan Smoek.

Thanks Gregg Hurwitz, always excited to read a new Orphan book, and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this exciting story due out in February of 2023.


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