The Girl in the Ice @RobertBryndza @bookouture @absltmom

Marialyce’s Review

An extremely well done thriller that dotted all the i’s and crossed a the t’s, There have been times when reading a thriller that set my eyes in motion or have me thinking “oh really’ because of the contrived situations we are to assume are real. However, in this book, Robert Bryndza has secured a place in my reading library for presenting stories which make sense.

The plot in this one, surrounds Detective Erika Foster, newly returned from leave after witnessing the horrific death of her beloved husband, a policeman as well. It’s so sad and of course Erika head of the team he was assigned to blames herself for his death as well as the others killed.

She returns to work with her usual dogged personality and when a young girl is strangled and found under the ice, she and her team go forward constantly overseen by the upper ups who seem to be looking for her to screw up. For the girl who was killed was the daughter of a higher up Lord in the House of Lords who rules the roost as well as calls the shots at the police department.

Coupled with this there is the usual rivalries that occur when one perceives another is getting more recognition than they.

However, Erika and her team are on the trail of this murderer and he is on the trail to make an end of Erika. As suspects go, there are plenty of them and to a one seem to be involved in something quite nefarious. Then Erika finds that other women were also murdered in a similar way and the hunt is on.

Such a good read that I immediately searched for the second book in this series. Definitely recommended for those who enjoy a thriller that has it all.


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