Somebody’s Daughter #somebody’sdaughter #davidbell #suspense #berkley @absltmom

A knock on the door…. An ex wife’s plea….a chance for a child…..a lie or the truth

Somebody's Daughter  Michael and Angela Frazier are having a quiet evening, when a knock on the door interrupts all that quiet and is the beginning of a suspenseful laden trail to find the whereabouts of Michael’s ex wife Erica’s daughter, Felicity. Michael feels sympathy for Erica but then she delivers a punch that leaves Michael and Angela reeling.  Erica reveals that Felicity is Michael’s daughter. How can that be and yet Erica produces a picture of Felicity and it is a reminder to  Michael of his dead sister. Michael races out the door with Erica and the chase is on. Michael and Angela have been trying to have a child with no success and yet here is a child, Michael’s child or is she? What will this do to Michael’s and Angela’s marriage? Where is Felicity and why was she taken?

As Angela and Michael try to discover where Felicity might be, detectives show up at Erica’s house and she permits them access to Michael’s computer where revelations that shake the foundation of her marriage are revealed. What is Michael’s connection to his ex wife, and why does it seem like his family is involved? Talk about being blindsided!

Mr Bell created for his readers a very well constructed mystery that kept you going wondering who could have taken Felicity. It had quite the surprising ending and the story made this reader want to dash for that ending, scurrying to find out if Felicity was safe and was she actually Michael’s daughter. I would recommend this book to all who like twisty turning characters and events that makes one burn that midnight oil totally immersed in the story they are reading. “It is the wise father who knows his own child.” (William Shakespeare) Will Michael come to this realization? Will Michael know his real child?

Thank you to David Bell, Berkley Publishing, and Edelweiss for a copy of this enticing book.

  David Bell is the USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of eight novels from Berkley/Penguin: SOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER, BRING HER HOME, SINCE SHE WENT AWAY, SOMEBODY I USED TO KNOW, THE FORGOTTEN GIRL, NEVER COME BACK, THE HIDING PLACE, and CEMETERY GIRL. He is an Associate Professor of English at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky and can be reached through his website



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