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When choosing a novel to read, Dystopian novels have not always placed high on my list. It makes me unnerved to see the way some authors have pictured our future with ideas that are not rosy, sunny and filled with rainbows. So it was with a large case of “are you sure you want to read this?” that I went into the story. Happily, it has turned out to be a book that I found hard to stop reading, with fascinating details, diverse characters, and one of those books that you say “I can’t put this one aside.”

After the Green Withered

The world has experienced drought, disease, wars, and loss of life in cataclysmic proportions. Water has become a rare and precious commodity and in this world of want and need, lives Enora Gray, her family, and a group of characters that struggle for survival. It is a dismal future and as Enora is ready to graduate, her life takes a startling turn. There may be hope for Enora for she has been chosen by the governing body, the DMC, which controls everything from water consumption to the concept of borders, to work for them. They are the “benevolent” force that has keeps one alive in what is a barren dismal environment, and to work for them is an elite position to be in. Enora, was a nothing really, a pleb, so when she is chosen to become a worker for this organization it comes as a shock. However, this position should she accept, entitles Enora and her family to extra water and other “luxuries.” She couldn’t possibly refuse? She will be trained for her job with her old friend as her boss, Bram. Enora leaves for her training and starts working towards a goal of rooting out those in opposition to DMC. She works in conjunction with a boy, Stringer, who she eventually comes to have feelings for. They both discover some dark underpinnings to the company that controls the very life of everyone, and through Enora’s thoughts and actions, we learn more about this devious megalith, DMC. Everything is watched monitored and overseen. If Enora is discovered even having the thoughts she does, her life and that of those she loves would be at an end. Will Enora be able to fight the enormous force that is the DMC or will she and possibly Stringer succumb to this organization that sees all, controls all, and seeks out those who want their dominance to end?

This book was written so well, grabbing the reader from the get go, and making you progress through the pages on an eager journey into Enora’s world. The only disappointment was when the book ended and now I have to wait anxiously for the advent of book two. It is a spellbinding riveting look into a possible future.

Thank you to Kristin Ward, and Dave, @The_WriteReads who invited me along on this blog tour for this exciting book!

“They tell me the country looked different then. They talk of open borders and flowing rivers. They say the world was green.But drought swept across the globe and the United States of the past disappeared under a burning sky.”

and here’s the author:
Kristin Ward, author of After the Green Withered. – 2018 Best Indie Book Award Winner in young adult fiction and Burden of Truth , lives in a small town in Connecticut with her husband, three sons, and many furry and feathered friends. Fueled by dark chocolate and coffee, she has been writing poems, prose, and academia for over twenty years.

13 thoughts on “What the future may hold…. After the Green Withered @YA_Author #dystopian #future #water @the_writereads #ultimateblogtours #afterthegreenwithered #sciencefiction @absltmom

  1. I feel the same way that you said you often do about dystopian novels. They really unnerve me, and I very rarely, if ever, read them by choice, but I might give this one a try! It sounds quite different, and I love your review, Marialyce.

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