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Never Have I Ever

It’s always so very nice when a book that has come highly recommended, comes through with the right amount of wonderful story telling, the ability to keep you on the edge of your reading chair, and the push to continue reading late into the night. Happily, for Jan and I, Never Have I Ever come through on all those points.

Jan’s review

Amy is living a quiet suburban existence as a mom and part-time scuba diving instructor with her husband, infant son, and stepdaughter when Roux moves into the neighborhood. She shows up unannounced at book club and is the book club member from hell who hasn’t read the book and takes over the meeting. She quickly livens things up with free-flowing alcohol and the spilling of secrets by playing a game of Never Have I Ever. 

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The problem? Amy has big secrets that she wants kept secret. How far will she go to keep them hidden? What follows is a cat and mouse game between the two women that escalates with each move.  

I absolutely loved this one and especially loved Amy. Tough as nails yet soft in the center, she is a surprising opponent to the cunning Roux.  I fell in love with her sweet family and loved the relationship she had with her stepdaughter. She’s a great character to root for. The side stories of the other characters were just as delightful as the battle of wits between Amy and Roux.

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I appreciate that Joshilyn Jackson has tried something new with this book. I love her Southern fiction books full of humor, wit and warmth. And now she’s proven she can do domestic suspense, and do it well. This was a buddy read with Marialyce and we had a lot of fun with this one!

Summer isn’t over yet. Don’t miss this page-turner!

**Many thanks to Edelweiss for a copy of the book for review. All opinions are my own.**

Marialyce’s review

A Book, a Meal, a Philosophy - One Book Club's Success Story

Book clubs are the best. It’s a wonderful way to get together with friends and neighbors, talk about a book, and drink some delicious alcoholic libations. It’s fun, or at least it was until a very sultry and sexy new neighbor showed up and turned book club into a game. That game entitled Never Have I Ever, would have consequences for all the friends but would spell disaster for one in particular, Amy.

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Roux is a new unexpected participant in book club and she has come loaded with secrets, some of which are deadly and serious. Amy, one of the book club members, is leading what appears to be a lovely life. Married to a great man, with a step daughter she loves, and a new baby, Amy seems to have it all. However, Amy has secrets, terrible secrets, and it seems as if Roux knows these secrets and has come after her intending to use blackmail to get what she wants.

What Roux, strong, devious, and cunning as she is, hasn’t figured out yet, is that Amy is a worthy adversary and these ladies will go head to head in a drama that is chilling and shocking.

This was such a fun story and a different type of writing for the author, who kept me riveted to the book as this story took its many twists and turns. I will admit I never saw any of them coming which of course makes for a great thriller. I definitely recommend this book as one that will keep make you keep the midnight oil burning and ultimately reach a conclusion that was both satisfying and thrilling.

**Many thanks to Joshilyn Jackson, William Morrow Books, and Edelweiss for a copy of this captivating book. It’s already been published so go grab a copy and enjoy. **

and here’s the author

Joshilyn Jackson

The interview starts at 5:12

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  1. Excellent review Marialyce! I’m so glad we chose this one. Thanks for including the interview. Joshilyn Jackson is so personable and funny. I loved how she said it wasn’t so much a cat and mouse game as it was a cat and cat game. So true, haha,

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  2. Love the photos you added! This book was such a twisty one and I know you two had a great time buddy reading it. A great pick to discuss. ❤

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