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When you follow money and use it as your god, the result can be deadly. In Megan Goldin’s book The Escape Room, we find out just how deadly it can be.

The Escape Room

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. —SUN TZU”

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It’s hard to find your place in especially when trying to break into the corporate world where it often plays out like a dog eat dog scenario. Add money to the equation of prestige and power and often you have created a lethal atmosphere where your coworkers look out only for themselves and would step on anyone who tries to get in their way as they rise up the corporate ladder.

Sara Hall finds that out when she is pitted against four vile characters, Vincent, Jules, Sylvie, and Sam. They would do anything to get ahead, to achieve that mighty step where they would be rolling in money and to accomplish this driving force they become the most cutthroat of characters. Into this environment comes Sara, seemingly plucked up by Vincent, and of course resented by the others. Poor Sara becomes a pawn in their game of deceit, stealth, and duplicity. How could she possible survive?

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Our four vile characters are invited to what they think is a team building exercise. They are to escape from an elevator using clues and while the clues become more and more bizarre, the four become more intent on a game of hate and reprisal. The secrets pour out of the four as they struggle for their own survival and realize that this is no game at all, but a way that justice just might be meted out.

This was an enjoyable story and one that kept me engaged from the get go. Since I am claustrophobic, just the thought of being trapped in a confined space with no way out had me in a tizzy. I do recommend this story for its taunt telling. While you might have guessed the ending, it certainly didn’t mar the road you traveled on to get there.

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11 thoughts on “The Escape Room #megangoldinauthor @StMartinsPress #thriller #revenge #money @absltmom

  1. Great review! I was once trapped in an elevator for just a minute but it was terrifying. The setting of this story made it even more tensed. Glad to hear that you also enjoyed it.

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  2. Love your review of this one. I haven’t read it, but have seen it around and have been wondering about it. I would hate being trapped in an elevator! Glad you liked this one 😎💕

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  3. The thought of being trapped in an elevator is frightening. I just read Elevator Pitch by Linwood Barclay and that just cemented my idea of taking the stairs whenever possible. Great review and I do hope to read this one, but I might wait just a bit.


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