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For many of we book lovers getting a new book to read is like Christmas morning. Receiving an Arc of C. J. Tudor’s newest book was for Jan and I Christmas come early. With lots of excitement and our love for her previous books, we jumped into this one, and were not disappointed.

Jan’s review

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Told from three points of view, this is a multi-layered plot that will have you flipping the pages to find out what happens next. Gabe’s wife, Jenny, and their young daughter, Izzy, were murdered in their home three years ago but Gabe is convinced that Izzy is still alive after he sees her in the back of a car. Despite no one believing him, and a father-in-law who identified the bodies of his wife and daughter, he has devoted his life to searching for her. The second POV is a woman and her daughter who are on the run from an unnamed threat. And finally, we have the waitress who often waits on Gabe at the restaurant where she works.

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All three characters are dealing with grief and loss. Their stories will come together and intersect in surprising ways. I won’t ruin the fun for readers by giving away any more of the plot. It’s best discovered on your own.

Readers who enjoy complicated plots, a fair bit of coincidence, and who don’t have a problem with suspending disbelief will find much to enjoy. Be aware there are  some supernatural elements, but it was a minor element. This was a buddy read with Marialyce and one we both enjoyed. We both agree that C.J. Tudor writes very well and the different plot lines came together quite nicely.     

Many thanks to the publisher for a digital copy of the book for review

Marialyce’s review

Texas Leads Nation in Child Hot Car Deaths | Shamieh Law

Imagine seeing your young daughter, for a fleeting moment, in the window of another vehicle and wondering why she would be there. You question yourself, you wonder why, you give chase only to lose the car in which you think she is in …..and then you receive a phone call that will alter your life.

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For Gabe this is his reality and when it is found that his wife and child have been brutally murdered, what he thought he saw can not be. Gabe becomes a suspect and yet time can not erase what he thinks he saw and his heart and mind will not let him forget. To Gabe, his daughter is out there but all signs point to the fact that she is gone forever. Even her grandfather, a retired doctor, called to identify his daughter and granddaughter find that both are gone. And yet Gabe knows or at least think he knows and three years later he is still on the hunt for a daughter he just won’t forget.

As Gabe travels the roads and byways in his eternal search, he meets Katie, a waitress in a service station. She too, has lost a loved one as her father was murdered. Gabe, who she refers to as the thin man, strike up a tenuous relationship and as the story continues Katie’s life as well as her sister, Fran, and her mysterious daughter, becomes woven into a tale so clever and insidious that it’s difficult to put this book aside as you become witness to a tale of cunning, deceit, and of course huge surprises along the way.

C. J. Tudor has once again captured my imagination and created a brilliant story filled with intricate details that are woven together flawlessly. It is a tale that will have you addicted from page one. If you are a lover of a story that thrills you on every twist and turn of the plot, then this is one not to miss.

Thank you to C.J. Tudor who again gave me a sleepless night burning that midnight oil, Penguin Books, and NetGalley for providing an advanced copy of this engrossing read.

Thank you also to Holly B, a wonderful book friend, who forwarded her copy of this story to me.

and here’s the author–j–tudor.html

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