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             “Determination becomes obsession and then it becomes all that matters.”

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Lydia has it all or so it seems. She is married to a judge, Andrew, has a son. Lawrence, whom she loves to an obsession, and a huge home. For many the signs pointed to a   happy life and yet, Lydia is anything but happy. She is a scheming plotting woman who wants what she wants and will do what she feels is necessary to achieve her goals. All this illusion of an idyllic existence changes when her husband Andrew murders, with some assistance from Lydia, a young prostitute. Annie is a nobody, a low life a person who no one would be interested in that is except her sister, Karen. When the decision  to dispose of Annie’s body, is made she is buried in the garden of Lydia and Andrew’s home. It seems as time goes by that the perfect crime has been committed, Annie is “missing” and a police department chalk it up to being a runaway woman of no account, a prostitute, a druggie, a blight on society so and they do little to ferret out what happened to Annie.

Time and circumstance link Karen with the Lawrence, they become friends and then more than that while things take that proverbial turn to the dangerous, threatening and alarming nature we so often find when people commit crimes that go undetected. For Karen does not believe her sister is dead and she is consumed with finding her while Lydia, well Lydia, evolves into something that is so devious, cunning, and wicked that it is hard to fathom her. Who is this loving mother so obsessed with her son and as Lawrence embarks on a trail of discovery he also wonders what his mother is. He is her everything or is he?

This story was quite a tale of lies and deceit. It was a tale of doing whatever it takes to get what you want. You can step on others for they are of a lower life than yours, and one must always protect oneself no matter to what ends that might take you. Egomania does destroy but who will it destroy in this tale?

Liz Nugent is an award winning writer of radio drama, children’s animation soap opera and television plays. Her second novel, Lying in Wait, is to be published in July 2016. Unusually for a writer, Liz likes neither cats nor coffee and does not own a Breton top. She also only started writing at age forty-five.

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